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5 May - Matapeake E.S 5k

Kent Island, MD 


6 May- South River H.S. Media 5k

South River, MD

Details/Register HERE



Centreville, MD

Details/Register HERE


12 May - MELANOMA 5k

Cambridge, MD

Details/Register HERE


13 May - Centennial Lake Swim

Columbia, MD


19 May - METRO Delta 5k

Columbia, MD

Details/Register HERE


19 May - PG County Fire Dept 5k

La Plata, MD

Details/Register HERE


27 May - Lanyard Vinyard 5k

Lanyard, Kent Island 

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2 June - ROCK N RUN

Centreville, MD

Details/Register HERE


9 June - Run AWAKE for Uganda 5k

Quiet Waters, MD

Details/Register HERE


23 June - Hemophilia FDN 5k

 Quiet Waters, MD

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23/24 June - Annapolis 24 HR RELAY Against Hunger

Bates Track, MD

Details/Register HERE


22 July - ROSARYVILLE Trail Runs

10k, 10M, 25k, 50k

La Plata, MD

Details/Registration HERE



Half Marathon and 10k

Truman Pkwy

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The KENT ISLAND RUNNING GROUP now has our own website; check it out



Our Sunday trail run on the AHS trails provide a great opportunity to get in a low intensity, depletion run, after your long Saturday run. Start times are from 8am to 9am so post on the Annapolis Trail Runner's Facebook page if you are interested in joining us.  We leave from the parking lot next to the stadium.


This Weeks WORKOUTS 



Wednesday AHS Track Session
-   START 6:00pm   

 Good session Wednesday. Plenty of light, beautiful evening.  Let's do the HIITS session discussed last week again: 1 Mile Warmup; 6 x 30sec All Out, 5 min easy jog; 6 x 30sec All Out, 1 Mile Cool Down.

  Give me some feedback on how it goes.


Remember, it is about gradual progression that will make you faster WITHOUT getting injured.  If you walk off the track or step off the treadmill feeling like you could have done more - you did just the right amount.  Patience is the hardest lesson runners learn.


During the Warm up do some Knee lifts on one curve and Butt-kicks on the other curve, and jog the straight-aways. THIS is IMPORTANT. 


Saturday Run -  ***START AT 7:00am     

This week let's do 14 miles - directly out Rt 450 to the 7 MILE mark just before the Staples Corners intersection and back.   Add some "pick ups" of 2 minutes every mile on the way back.


Anyone looking to go longer,  should let me know so we can make sure water is at the 8 and 10 mile stops.  


Take note of all the things that affect your run - how you feel, what you ate, when you ate it, how much you drank, your pace at various points during the run (too fast early?  NOW is the time to continue BUILDING YOUR BASE and increasing your BASE PACE.


 Keep thinking - "easy, relaxed, smooth stride and breathing". THINK RUN TALL.  Keep  taking "mental notes" on where you need nutrition, salt tabs, etc.  


   Sunday Trail Run- 8:00am - 5 Mile loop; starting from the AHS football parking lot. This has been less formal do it is best to check.    Tom, Dennis, Jane, and Janice did a muddy run on the AHS Trails at 7:30am Sunday. 


 - Join our Facebook Group "Annapolis Trail Runners" and get details and share tips and questions directly with other members of the Group.


Hope to see you at the track.  



PORT  A   POT  Donation
We need your donation.

 If you have not made a donation in a while, please consider doing so. The Port A Pot is maintained by donations from you


I can now accept credit card donations; with secure, receipt verification.


Tom Nelson has constructed a site to show our routes and water stop locations for the long run coming up each week.  You can indicate your intention to run and see who else is planning on showing up - one more incentive for getting there. Check back to the following website later in the week for the latest info on water support:


NOTE:  Steve has added a rotating photo feature to the web page. I have sent him some photos but if you have any you like, send them to Steve at:  Take a look.

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Spring  Moore's Marines Long Distance Training
Kent Island Running CLUB
Peninsula Pacers Running CLUB
 Week #23; 5 May

The body does not want you to do this.
As you run, it tells you to stop,
but the mind must be strong.
You always go too far for your body.
You must handle the pain with strategy.
It's not age; it's not diet; it's the will to succeed



Note: If you have an article, link, tip, race accomplishment or milestone to pass on to the group, please let me know. Use Annapolis Trail Runners Facebook Group to share tips and questions directly with everyone in the group.


NOTE:  THANKS to Tom Corby for donating to the Port A Pot  

This back and forth weather is playing havac with my running wardrobe!  One day it's short sleeves, the next a light jacket.

The group Saturday had GREAT conditions.  Barb Hamilton, and the 'Docs', Willie, and Bruce Empy (rejoining us after a hiatus :-)  )

   Rene Cover, Myles, Missy, and a few others got on the Patapsco trails after the rain ended and Missy reports 'had a wonderful run'.



  We had another preson confirm for  WINEGLASS MARATHON in September.  Leenie has blocked 9 rooms for us


Here is a 'different' kind of event I hope you will consider.


Click Here for flyer:

 Annapolis Relay to Rally Against Hunger


WHERE: Bates High School Track, Annapolis Md 

TIME: Noon Sat 23 June- Noon Sun 24 June

HOW: Teams of Up to 10 runners, each running 1 Mile (four laps) sequentially for 24 hours       

Winners based on total miles covered by the team



Here are a couple other races I hope you put on your calendar:


 ROSARYVILLE  TRAIL 10K, 10M, 25K, 50K RUNS - Sunday 2 July.  Registration is OPEN.  Details in left column.

I am looking at making this my 100th ULTRA - I would LOVE some company :-)


BEN MOORE MEMORIAL 10k and Half Marathon -Saturday 11 August.  Registration is OPEN.  Details in left column

Amgby Burfoot from Runners World recently posted an article about something we 'more mature' runner's have recognized for a long time - to handle longer distances and avoid muscle pulls, and ligament/tendonitis - take shorter strides.

A new study from Japan's Waseda University adds to the growing evidence that a slightly shorter running stride is better than a longer one. The Japanese study found that, when runners increased their stride frequency by about 18 percent, while holding their pace at a steady 10:45 per mile, they registered lower loading rates and impact forces. Conclusion: A shorter stride "may be practical in reducing the risk of developing a tibial stress fracture by decreasing lower extremity loading variables."

In March, researchers from the University of Wisconsin published a paper reporting similar results. They suggested that the shorter stride could help runners who have problems with knee pain.

Lower impact forces could also make you a more efficient, faster runner, at least in distance racing. Norwegian researchers found last year that impact forces were inversely associated with running economy at 3,000-meter race pace. That is, the harder you hit the ground--due to a bouncy stride, or to overstriding--the lower your running economy. Running economy is believed to be one of the strongest factors behind distance-racing success.



 VOLUNTEERS - are needed to help lay out cones for the TRIROCK Tri on 12 May



Don't worry about the short window for registering for the Marine Corps Marathon. We will have GUARANTEED MCM ENTRIES again for 2012; just let me know.


So far there are now 18 ready to commit to the Wineglass Marathon in New York on 30 September as a group "destination race". There is a Facebook Event and Group to see who else is "in" and see details, including support from the Race Director, and possible Winery visit. Why not join the party and add a new race to your resume?


Registration is open on Active for the 2012 Moore's Marine's Training Programs. As veteran's, this registration if for the enitire year.  Training starts 26 May.

For details and register Click HERE




  "The body does not want you to do this.
As you run, it tells you to stop,
but the mind must be strong.
You always go too far for your body.
You must handle the pain with strategy.
It's not age; it's not diet; it's the will to succeed. "



 Stay Healthy; 


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