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Greetings Spring Runners; Week #27

-Let’s hear from you MARINE CORPS MARATHN finishers!!

I did see a few results:


-Terri (Willie Gumula’s daughter) did her FIRST MARATHON at the Baltimore Marathon with her dad – Well done Daughter and Dad.

-Tom Goodridge – 4:54 – Broke the 5 hr barrier for the first time PR 5:43

-Bill Rogers – 4:52 – Ditto.

-This past Saturday was a great day for a long run – or even a marathon J  Low 50’s in the morning, going up to the 60’s, with low humidity.

-This week is one of the most important for any long distance runner – the post event recovery.  What you do this week will determine how soon you will be able to run hard again.  If you recover properly, you can get back to a steady routing of tempo runs, track sessions, and long runs WITH THE SAME LEVEL OF ENERGY (i.e performance) as you had at the peak of your marathon training.  The KEY is not to start any higher intensity (Zone 4 – 80%) or long (over an hour) runs until you are fully recovered.  If you rush it and start training too hard too soon because you have another race coming up (RICHMOND, NCR, JFK) all you will do is prolong getting back to your peak with sub-par workouts.

RECOVERY is another area where no two runners are alike.  Some recover quickly, some take longer.  If you ever need to focus on and be objective about paying attention to “how you feel”, there will not be a more important time than now. 

-Get plenty of rest; i.e. more sleep – skip the Late News and turn out the lights earlier

-Continue to rehydrate

-Get extra carbohydrates and a little higher percentage of protein  - NOT larger quantities.  I used to wonder why I put on 5 lbs the week after a long race.  I finally realized I was “treating” myself ALL WEEK with extra helpings, more and larger desserts – DUH!!  Give yourself one, maybe two days of reward, then get back to the plan.

Wednesday Track Session -   START 6:00pm  This should be the peaking track session for those doing RICHMOND . Do 8 x 800 repeats  with 1 lap recovery.  Remember – keep all at the same pace. Be consistent. At this point you are not trying to make get stronger or faster – that work has been done (or not). Now you want to start the taper theme of giving your muscles recovery time while still keeping the ‘muscle memory’ for running quicker. THEY ARE IMPORTANT.

Saturday Run –  ***START AT 6:30am. **** This is for those doing later (you still have time for two more long-ish runs.  PHILA- 16 or18 miles, NEW YORK-16/18 miles, RICMOND – 14 miles) . Those doing these later marathons, you have done your long runs, start your Taper.  MCM’ers do a 8 or10 mile run ONLY if you feel well rested.  You will notice you feel more tired than you expect.

Sunday Trail Run –Start at 8:00 am for one loop of the AHS trail.

****-We are looking at Saturday 6 December for our annual Post Marathon Party  date and location.  Here are the options;

-         Pot Luck at BAY RIDGE POOL HOUSE (will require a $10/person cover charge to rent the room)

-         SQUISITO’S

-         GORDON BIRES (in the Annapolis Towne Center)

-         FADO’S

-         BOATYARD (in Eastport)


Thanks to Tom Goodridge for picking up our Moore’s Marines shirts. MCM runners should have picked theirs up at the Expo.  I will be scoring the Big Vanilla 5k at Quiet Waters Saturday morning but will try to get the shirts to someone that will be at Truman.  Let me know if you want to work out some time individually to get your shirt.

Again; Tom Nelson has constructed a site to show our routes and water stop locations for the long run coming up each week.  Check back to the following website later in the week for the latest info on water support:  http://www.runningahead.com/groups/truman/Forum

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