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  • Ron Bowman
  • Lara Mish
  • Erin Ferner
  • Bob Moseley
  • Judy Stoer

Why Use A Coach?

Even the most knowledgeable of athletes have a tendency to lose objectivity while attempting to train themselves. Our approach solves that problem by working with you as an individual in creating a program specifically tailored to meet your goal(s).

People seek assistance from tax, investment, dietary and other various consulting professionals. But not as many options exist when it comes to receiving proper advice and assistance with your running or triathlon training. If you are going to put the time and energy in, why not do it with the help of experts?

As your coach, I can offer:

Expertise. Regardless of the distance, whether it be a 5k, a marathon, a triathlon, or an ultra-marathon, we can provide you with a personalized training program in your area of focus.

Interaction. Personal attention to your needs to insure the progress you want.

Feedback. We do not send you a training program and move on to the next athlete. We work with each individual, providing feedback throughout the duration of the experience.

Motivation. The benefits of working with a coach extend beyond the tangible. We'll be there for you to motivate during those inevitable encounters with self-doubt and inertia.

Objectivity. No athlete can rationally expect to coach him or herself. We provide you with an objective approach.


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