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(Note: coincidently all the races listed below are marathon or 50k, but all accommodate shorter runs and a great way to get in a supported trail run.  If you know of a local race you would like to promote - let me know) 

5 Jan - Columbia Fat Ass 50k

(1 or 2 loops)

 Lake Elkhorn, Columbia  


5 Jan - PHUNT 50k (or 20 Mile)

Fairhill Park

Elkton, MD


12 Jan - JOHN HARPER 50k

Felton, DE



9 Feb -  ROCKBURN 50k

 near Patapsco; up to 5 laps

Details/Register HERE  


17 Feb  - GW Birthday Marathon/Relay




24 Feb - HASHAWAHA 50k -

 Westminster, Md 




2 Mar - SENECA CREEEK 50k or Marathon - Gaithersburg, Md 


Details/Register Here 


16 Mar - B&A Marathon


Annapolis, MD 


23 Mar - HAT 50k


Susquehana Park 



The KENT ISLAND RUNNING GROUP now has our own website; check it out



RonandBeauLast year Paula Carigan and I were talking about what a dicotomy running can be.  Here is an endeavour where you push yourself to the point of discomfort - on purpose - and then revel in the satisfaction that effort brings you.

   Shortly after that, she sent me an article that confirmed, or at least reinforced, our observations.  Jeff Hunt is an elite runner from very non-elite beginnings.


It sounds almost masochistic but, Hunt admits that "being cruel to your body is sometimes what it takes.

"You've got to push yourself out of your comfort zone, [and] if you want to improve you've got to make your body run harder and learn to adapt."

Having running partners is important too, he says, providing camaraderie and competition.

"A training group is by far and away the most important thing to have," he confirms, "you can only get so far training by yourself, but your training partners give you a reason to come to training."


 Read more here:





This Weeks WORKOUTS 


 Tuesdays/Wednesday AHS Track Session

-   START 6:00pm   

  4 x 800 repeats . Read the previous implorings and BE SMART; followed by 1 Mile Cool Down. 

 Give me some feedback on how it goes.

 Remember, it is about gradual progression that will make you faster WITHOUT getting injured.  If you walk off the track or step off the treadmill feeling like you could have done more - you did just the right amount.  Patience is the hardest lesson runners learn.


During the Warm up do some Knee lifts on one curve and Butt-kicks on the other curve, and jog the straight-aways. THIS is IMPORTANT. 


Saturday Run 

***START AT 7:00am  


 TAPER/Maintenance.  16 or 10 Mile (depending on when your race is). Route - Belle Branch, Chesterfield for those doing late races or preping for one of the early year 50K's.    


 Keep thinking - "easy, relaxed, smooth stride and breathing". THINK RUN TALL.  Keep  taking "mental notes" on where you need nutrition, salt tabs, etc.  



   Sunday Trail Run- 8:00am - 5 Mile loop; starting from the AHS football parking lot. This has been less formal do it is best to check.    - Join our Facebook Group "Annapolis Trail Runners" and get details and share tips and questions directly with other members of the Group. 


Hope to see you at the track.    



PORT  A   POT  Donation
We need your donation.

 If you have not made a donation in a while, please consider doing so. The Port A Pot is maintained by donations from you


I can now accept credit card donations; with secure, receipt verification.


Tom Nelson has constructed a site to show our routes and water stop locations for the long run coming up each week.  You can indicate your intention to run and see who else is planning on showing up - one more incentive for getting there. Check back to the following website later in the week for the latest info on water support:


NOTE:  Steve has added a rotating photo feature to the web page. I have sent him some photos but if you have any you like, send them to Steve at:  Take a look.

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Winter Moore's Marines Long Distance Training
Kent Island Running CLUB
Peninsula Pacers Running CLUB
 Week #58, 5 JANUARY 2013


"There is nothing more difficult to take in hand,  more perilous to conduct, or more uncertain in its success than to take the lead in the introduction of a new order of things....but nothing is more thrilling. "
Niccolo Machiavelli 

-Let's go into 2013 with gusto and  purpose :-)



Note: If you have an article, link, tip, race accomplishment or milestone to pass on to the group, please let me know. Use Annapolis Trail Runners Facebook Group to share tips and questions directly with everyone in the group.



NOTE:  7:00 am START Time at TPkwy .


NOTE:  We get a nice 50% discount for the TRUMAN PORT A POT, which means $50 per month.  We have gotten five donations so far which covers five of the twelve months.  Please help us all out.

This past Saturday's run was not as cold as the prevous week and we 'got 'er done' before the winds picked up.  We did get to run in the snow for a few miles.  Running in the snow can be very enjoyable - the quietness, soft snowflakes and freshness are one of the joy's we runners get.  At times like that, I am reminded of that ARMY recruiting commercial with the cathc phrase "we do more before 9 am than most people do all day".  That certainly can be said of MOORE'S MARINES :-)
By comparison, Sunday's run was about as challenging as it gets; 20 to 30 mph winds brought the Wind chill into the 20's.  We knew it was coming but the relative sudden change in conditions can be tough. 





Every runner must have at one time experienced some unpleasant and painful sensation in the stomach. The pain is what is called cramps and its caused by the overexertion nature of running.

Stomach cramps and diarrhea

Stomach cramps vary from one runner to another, some runners complain of stomach cramps and diarrhoea others stomach cramps and diarrhea others just upper stomach cramps.

What causes painful stomach cramps during running?

  1. Dehydration. - For your smooth muscles of the stomach/intestines to function properly they require to be hydrated.
  2. Low blood salt - With all the sweating taking place your body will be losing too much salt and your body will soon be starved of salt.
  3. Inadequate oxygenation - During running, a lot of your blood will be redirected from the stomach to other muscle. And since your stomach muscles are starved of oxygen they will not work properly.

The above causes are made worse by factors such as a extreme weather conditions. Too high temperatures will increase rate of dehydration.

Medicine for stomach cramps.

This is not your typical medicine to cure cramps but a simple guide on how to avoid them. Its important to make sure you drink enough water. I experience most of my stomach cramps during my training because in training I don't have water points every 2K like I find in a marathon.

Drinking water is good but drinking too much is dangerous! Drinking too much water will cause your salt levels too go too low causing you stomach pains and in a worst case scenario death! Every runner should remember to put enough salt in his food. During the the race, Eat salt pallets offered. Lastly, Practice good breathing technique

The 2013 MOORE'S MARINES TRAINING PROGRAM will again be ready for you If you have laid out your schedule for 2011 or are still planning - you will need a PLAN to reach your goals. 

 Register Now


The registration fee will go to maintain the Port A Pot, items for the Support Stops, and Program shirts.


Keep the tradition going - Keep YOUR tradition going!


"There is nothing more difficult to take in hand, more perilous to conduct, or more uncertain in its success than to take the lead in the introduction of a new order of things....but nothing is more thrilling. "
Niccolo Machiavelli

-Let's go into 2013 with gusto and purpose :-)


Stay Healthy; 


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