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Rule #10 to Stay Injury Free



3 Mar - SENECA CREEEK 50k or Marathon - Gaithersburg, Md

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  Chester, MD




24 March - BOWIE SPRING 5K

 Bowie Town Center

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Navy-Marine Stadium

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Kent Island



 Hillsmere, MD

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  Chester, MD

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21 Apr - AL's RUN 5k

 Chester, MD

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22 Apr - VET DOGS 5k

Quiet Waters


The KENT ISLAND RUNNING GROUP now has our own website; check it out



Tim Goodman is training for the Toledo Marathon.  He has been doing his long runs with us on Saturday's for a few weeks.  This Saturday, he did his FIRST EVER 20 MILER.  Below is the email he sent me describing a euphoria we all can relate to - and enjoy hearing from others.  Well done, Tim.
"I had a good morning. 20.02 miles by the Garmin, 3 h 11 m something sec (but I swear I went slow and did not look at the clock). I strangely felt better today than last weekend doing 16 m. I know last weekend I did not eat enough carbs during the week and did not have enough fluid/food during the run, and today, I found all the water stations, kept drinking, refilled my hip bottles and kept drinking, and just embraced the suck and loved it. It was strange. You might laugh but somewhere on Bell Branch I had the sun in my face, there was no wind, and I closed my eyes and ran for a minutes or so - and felt at total peace. It was odd. I can't describe it. I wasn't looking for it. Just kind of happened. There were also hilarious moments like leaving Camp Barrett and going up the hill by myself humming the Star Wars theme. What this brings out in us. Wow. And I find I talk to God a lot. And even though I'm Catholic, every time I say that I get paranoid. So. Great. Fricking. Day. Really. I feel so much more confident now for the 26.2. AND NOW BEYOND. "
Our Sunday trail run on the AHS trails provide a great opportunity to get in a low intensity, depletion run, after your long Saturday run. Start times are from 8am to 9am so post on the Annapolis Trail Runner's Facebook page if you are interested in joining us.  We leave from the parking lot next to the stadium.

  An acquaintenace in VHTRC has a daughter working on her master's degree at Temple University in the Exercise and Sport
Psychology program.  She will be doing her first ultra this year at the North Face 50k in Sterling. 
She is reaching out in search of participants for her master's thesis entitled: Perceptions of Mental Toughness in Ultramarathon Runners. She is looking for participants over the age of 18 who have completed at least
one organized ultramarathon running event. Participation involves a brief 10 minute online survey. This study is designed to test a definition of mental toughness with an
ultramarathon runner population, and further the understanding of mental toughness and its development in the sport of ultramarathon running.


CLICK HERE to take survey


This Weeks WORKOUTS 



Wednesday AHS Track Session
-   START 6:00pm   

 It is staying light past 6pm now and but there are no events on the calendar for the track.   

We will do a modification of last week:  2 x 800 (or 4min each on treadmill) at 85% effort with 1/2 lap (1 min TR) recovery then 1 x 1 Mile at 80%  w/ one mile recovery  

Remember, it is about gradual progression that will make you faster WITHOUT getting injured.  If you walk off the track or step off the treadmill feeling like you could have done more - you did just the right amount.  Patience is the hardest lesson runners learn.


During the Warm up do some Knee lifts on one curve and Butt-kicks on the other curve, and jog the straight-aways. THIS is IMPORTANT. 


Saturday Run -  ***START AT 7:00am      12 miles BASE RUN on the Chestertown loop.  Conservative pace but push a little harder on the hills.  Use the Three Bears to measure your progress, If you can power up the Bears, you are making great progress. 


Anyone looking to go longer,  should let me know so we can make sure water is at the 8 and 10 mile stops.  

Myles is going TDY to Sante Fe for 4 weeks so we are looking for someone to put water at the 6 and 8 Mile Stops.  Let me know if you can help out.


Take note of all the things that affect your run - how you feel, what you ate, when you ate it, how much you drank, your pace at various points during the run (too fast early?  NOW is the time to continue BUILDING YOUR BASE and increasing your BASE PACE.


 Keep thinking - "easy, relaxed, smooth stride and breathing". THINK RUN TALL.  Keep  taking "mental notes" on where you need nutrition, salt tabs, etc.  


   Sunday Trail Run- 8:00am - 5 Mile loop; starting from the AHS football parking lot. This has been less formal do it is best to check.    Tom, Dennis, Jane, and Janice did a muddy run on the AHS Trails at 7:30am Sunday. 


 - Join our Facebook Group "Annapolis Trail Runners" and get details and share tips and questions directly with other members of the Group.


Hope to see you at the track.  



PORT  A   POT  Donation
We need your donation.

 If you have not made a donation in a while, please consider doing so. The Port A Pot is maintained by donations from you


I can now accept credit card donations; with secure, receipt verification.


Tom Nelson has constructed a site to show our routes and water stop locations for the long run coming up each week.  You can indicate your intention to run and see who else is planning on showing up - one more incentive for getting there. Check back to the following website later in the week for the latest info on water support:


NOTE:  Steve has added a rotating photo feature to the web page. I have sent him some photos but if you have any you like, send them to Steve at:  Take a look.

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Winter  Moore's Marines Long Distance Training
Kent Island Running CLUB
Peninsula Pacers Running CLUB
 Week #14; 3 March

"Years ago, I learned certain things are beyond control. When this happened, I didn't ask, 'Why me?' But for a fleeting moment, I asked, 'Why my leg?' And I realized that, as a runner, my legs are where I pay the most attention. That is essentially what saved my life. Everything happens for a reason. You just have to live fearlessly and love every day."

Serena Burla, competitive runner and cancer survivor



Note: If you have an article, link, tip, race accomplishment or milestone to pass on to the group, please let me know. Use Annapolis Trail Runners Facebook Group to share tips and questions directly with everyone in the group.


 I don't know WHEN it happened!  I don't know HOW it happened!   Did someone put 'something' in my coffee?

I swore it would NEVER happen to me. 

 I vividly recall doing a Saturday run on Rt 450, feeling just like Tim Goodman describes in his email in the left column after his FIRST 20 mile run this saturday.  WELL DONE TIM!!  I recall saying to myself I never wanted to do that run slower than 8 min/mile.  That was about as "casual" a pace I wanted to do.

There is a saying at the Naval Academy, "Time, Tide, and Evening Meal Formation wait for no man".  Well, after 25 years of yeilding to the tide and no longer having to deal with Evening Meal formation, the only one left was  - TIME.

Yes, I woke up one morning and realized, I was getting older - and worse - slower.


Check out the segment below to see how you 'youngster's' can avoid (or at least prolong) TIME happening to you!


Here is a route map of the 23 mile run Barb Hamilton, Beau (Barb kicked butt, only to be outdone by Beau; who, at 19+ miles went bounding off into the trees hot on the trail of a squirrel (or something that needed chasing) and then sprinted up a ridge to rejoin us.  At that point, I was no longer concerned about his endurance.)  and I did at Patapsco Park on a beautiful day.  Also running, but faster, was Rene Cover, Leenie Madden, Myles Powers, Jeff Lancaster, and Gaye Bugenhagen.  Tom and Paula Corby accompanied us for 5 miles to check out their new Camelbacks and Paula's new trai shoes. How did it go?


Patapsco 23 Mile Trail Run 

(Patapsco 23 mile trail run )



Of all physiological variables, speed is lost the most quickly. However, master sprinters achieve phenomenal performance (Ron Taylor, 60 (GBR)100 meters in 11:07; Nadine Conner, 65(USA) 100 meters in 14.01). So what can be done to match their performances and keep the grim speed reaper well and truly in the rear view mirror?

Why do we slow down with age?

  1. Declining muscle mass
    Muscle is important for creating speed horse-power. The more muscle fibers we possess, the more fleet of foot and powerful we will remain. Everything else being equal, a larger muscle will be a more powerful one. However, we will experience a 10% decline in muscle mass between the ages of 25 and 50 and a further 45% shrinkage by our eighth decade, if we do nothing about it. Weight training is crucial in this respect.
  2. Decline in muscle building hormones
    As we age, less of our muscle-building and stimulatory hormones will be buzzing around our bodies. Crucial to speed and power maintenance (and numerous other body functions) are growth hormone and testosterone (although the later is the male growth hormone, women also produce it). With a reduced amount of these 'androgen' hormones muscle building capacity will be restricted and with it the potential for speed and power generation.

Muscle decline - the biceps of a new-born baby has around 500,000 muscle fibers, that of an 80-year-old around 300,000

  1. Loss of fast-twitch muscle fiber
    Fast-twitch muscle fiber is crucial for producing speed and power; it declines to a much greater extent than endurance producing slow twitch fiber as we age. Master sprinters are therefore not as blessed as mature endurance athletes in the aging and performance stakes. The latter can expect even to increase the number of their slow-twitch fibers by as much as 20%, with the right training as they age (they can also hold on to nearly all their aerobic capacity until at least late into their fifties). It is not the same for master sprinters, who can lose up to 30% of their fast-twitch fibers between the ages of 20 and 80. This may explain why there are many more older endurance runners (us) than older sprinters.  Stay tuned for Reasons 4 and 5; AND what we can do about it next week :-)


Rule #10 (of 10) to Stay Injury Free
Get Shoes That Fit

Running shoes have changed a lot over the years. They breathe better, are more likely to come in various widths, and are constructed from superior materials. Most important, there are far more shoes to choose from (racing, training, track, cross-country). There are even minimalist shoes designed to mimic barefoot running (although there's no scientific evidence that forgoing shoes decreases injury risk). This gives you more options. Of course, you still have to figure out which shoe will work best for you-not an easy task. "There's no single best shoe for every runner," says J. D. Denton, who has owned a Fleet Feet running store in Davis, California, for 14 years. Not only that, but it's impossible to say that shoe ABC will eliminate injury XYZ. Denton and his staff are careful to draw a line between giving medical advice and suggesting a top-notch shoe. "We're careful not to say, 'This shoe will cure your plantar fasciitis,'" Denton says. "Shoes aren't designed to cure injuries. Our goal is to make sure you get the shoe that fits and functions best on your feet."

Others are less cautious than Denton. They point out that while a given shoe isn't guaranteed to heal a given injury, the right shoe on the right runner can help. Verran says that he has been able to help patients overcome injuries by suggesting a better fit. "It happens all the time," Verran says. "It's a matter of finding the shoe that's right for a certain foot type."

Don't expect shoes to correct an injury resulting from training error or muscular imbalance. However, when you need new shoes (replace them every 300 to 500 miles), go to a specialty store to get expert advice. As a general rule, buy less shoe rather than more shoe (unless you weigh 220 pounds or know you need the Monster Mash model). Studies show that shoes perform best when they fit best. Ask your shoe salesperson: "Why is this the best shoe for me?" If he or she can't provide a sound answer, find another store.

Don't worry about the short window for registering for the Marine Corps Marathon. We will have GUARANTEED MCM ENTRIES again for 2012; just let me know.


So far there are now 12 ready to commit to the Wineglass Marathon in New York on 30 September as a group "destination race". There is a Facebook Event and Group to see who else is "in" and see details, including support from the Race Director, and possible Winery visit. Why not join the party and add a new race to your resume?


Registration is open on Active for the 2012 Moore's Marine's Training Programs. As veteran's, this registration if for the enitire year.

For details and register Click HERE



- to  Cris Eck for her Truman Port A Pot donation!!



"Years ago, I learned certain things are beyond control. When this happened, I didn't ask, 'Why me?' But for a fleeting moment, I asked, 'Why my leg?' And I realized that, as a runner, my legs are where I pay the most attention. That is essentially what saved my life. Everything happens for a reason. You just have to live fearlessly and love every day."

Serena Burla, competitive runner and cancer survivor


 Stay Healthy; 


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