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Rule #4, 5 to Stay Injury Free


11 Feb - NEW ROCKBURN 50k - near Patapsco; up to 5 laps

   Details/Register HERE 


 19 Feb - GW Birthday Marathon - Greenbelt, Md

10:00am Start

Details/Register HERE



25 Feb - HASHAWAHA 50k - Westminster, Md

Details/Register Here


3 Mar - SENECA CREEEK 50k or Marathon - Gaithersburg, Md

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  Chester, MD




24 March - BOWIE SPRING 5K

 Bowie Town Center

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Navy-Marine Stadium

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Kent Island



 Hillsmere, MD

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  Chester, MD

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21 Apr - AL's RUN 5k

 Chester, MD

Details/Register HERE


22 Apr - VET DOGS 5k

Quiet Waters


The KENT ISLAND RUNNING GROUP now has our own website; check it out



Our Sunday trail run on the AHS trails provide a great opportunity to get in a low intensity, depletion run, after your long Saturday run. Start times are from 8am to 9am so post on the Annapolis Trail Runner's Facebook page if you are interested in joining us.  We leave from the parking lot next to the stadium.


This Weeks WORKOUTS 



Wednesday AHS Track Session
-   START 6:00pm   

 We got rained out last Wednesday and conditions could be rainy this Wednesday, and dark, but there are no events on the calendar for the track.   

You can do these sessions on a Treadmill - don't grimace :-)

This week we will do a repeat of last week:  1x 800 (or 4min on treadmill) at 85% effort with 1/2 lap (1 min TR) recovery then 1 x 400 w/ 1/2 lap recovery - Repeat 3x (ie 3x800+3x400 total) . You should start to see these becoming easier and a little quicker.  Build on it but don't push it.  You are building endurance strength now.


During the Warm up do some Knee lifts on one curve and Butt-kicks on the other curve, and jog the straight-aways. THIS is IMPORTANT. 


Saturday Run -  ***START AT 7:00am     Drop-back run of 10 miles BASE RUN out to the 5 Mile Mark.  Do fartleks of 1 minute pick-ups of 1 min/mile for miles 5 to 10 (start after the 4 Mile Water stop on the return).  When you get to the Three Bears, relax/stride down and power up - see if you can do all three bears.


Anyone looking to go longer,  should let me know so we can make sure water is at the 8 and 10 mile stops.  


Take note of all the things that affect your run - how you feel, what you ate, when you ate it, how much you drank, your pace at various points during the run (too fast early?  NOW is the time to continue BUILDING YOUR BASE and increasing your BASE PACE.


 Keep thinking - "easy, relaxed, smooth stride and breathing". THINK RUN TALL.  Keep  taking "mental notes" on where you need nutrition, salt tabs, etc.  


   Sunday Trail Run- 8:00am - 5 Mile loop; starting from the AHS football parking lot. This has been less formal do it is best to check.    Tom, Dennis, Jane, and Janice did a muddy run on the AHS Trails at 7:30am Sunday. 


 - Join our Facebook Group "Annapolis Trail Runners" and get details and share tips and questions directly with other members of the Group.


Hope to see you at the track.  




Tom Nelson has constructed a site to show our routes and water stop locations for the long run coming up each week.  You can indicate your intention to run and see who else is planning on showing up - one more incentive for getting there. Check back to the following website later in the week for the latest info on water support:


NOTE:  Steve has added a rotating photo feature to the web page. I have sent him some photos but if you have any you like, send them to Steve at:  Take a look.

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Winter  Moore's Marines Long Distance Training
Kent Island Running CLUB
Peninsula Pacers Running CLUB
 Week #11; 10  February
"Distance is one of the only things in life you truly earn. Anyone can give you nine pies, but no one can give you nine miles. Nine miles you have to take."



Note: If you have an article, link, tip, race accomplishment or milestone to pass on to the group, please let me know. Use Annapolis Trail Runners Facebook Group to share tips and questions directly with everyone in the group.


What a ANOTHER great day for a run on Saturday; 31 degrees, crisp.  Let's hope it holds up this weekend for those of us doing the new Rockburn 50k near Columbia. 

A large group (Rene, Gaye, Barb, John Curley, Lynne, Myles, Missy, and I) headed to Patapsco trails and were able to get in 20 miles, even with a few 'which fork in the trail do we take' decision by committee delays :-) .   Tom Corby partnered with new-to-our-group Tim and introduced him to St Stephan's Church hill, Camp Barrett hill, and the Three Bear's.  Welcome aboard, Tim :-)  Tom's wife, Paula, continues to impress us by repeating the Chesterfield Loop, this time with no walk breaks. Tom may need to start looking over his shoulder.  Well DONE, Paula!!


Many of you have expressed support as I approach my 100th marathon - targeted for B&A Marathon on 4 March - but to put things in pespective, I pass on this YouTube clip sent by a non-runner friend (yes, I DO have a few).  His comment was "You have almost that many, don't you?"  "There are no limits" VIEW HERE


So far there are now 12 ready to commit to the  Wineglass   Marathon in New York on 30 September as a group "destination race".   Why not join the party and add a new race to your resume? 


Registration is open on Active for the 2012 Moore's Marine's Training Programs. As veteran's, this registration if for the enitire year.

  For details and register Click HERE  






 - to Jamie Brown and Stu Bland for their Truman Port A Pot donations!!  

Rule #4, 5 (of 10) to Stay Injury Free


Use Strength Training To Balance Your Body

You need something-and what better than muscle?-to keep your body properly aligned while you're running down the road at 450 pounds of crunching, twisting-in, and torquing-out force per stride. According to Ferber, it's particularly important to strengthen the hip muscles. He claims his clinic has cured 92 percent of knee injuries with a hip regimen. "Strengthening the hips is optimal for effective rehabilitation, as opposed to treating the area where the pain is located (e.g., your knee)," he says. "When you strengthen the hips-the abductors, adductors, and gluteus maximus-you increase your leg stability all the way down to the ankle."

You don't want to train for bulging muscles. You need just enough core, hip, and lower-leg strength training to keep your pelvis and lower-extremity joints properly positioned. "Healthy running should be as symmetrical and fluid as possible," says Michael Fredericson, M.D., associate professor of sports medicine at Stanford University School of Medicine. "If you don't have muscle balance, then you lose the symmetry, and that's when you start having problems."


RICE Works

When you've got muscle aches or joint pains, there's nothing better than rest, ice, compression, and elevation for immediate treatment. These measures can relieve pain, reduce swelling, and protect damaged tissues, all of which speed healing. The only problem with RICE is that too many runners focus on the "I" while ignoring the "RCE." Ice reduces inflammation, but to ice-and-run, ice-and-run, without giving the tissues enough time to heal, is a little like dieting every day until 6 p.m. and then pigging out. And so Bruce Wilk, an orthopedic rehabilitation specialist in Miami, has added another letter to the acronym, spelling out PRICE. The P stands for "protection," which means don't run until the injury is better.

RICE is most effective when done immediately following an injury. If you twist your ankle or strain your hamstring, plan to take a few days off from running (see Law II). Apply ice-for 10 to 15 minutes at a time, several times a day. A homemade ice pack-a baggie filled with ice cubes and water-is best. A bag of frozen vegetables is also effective. If you can, elevate the area (easy for foot and ankle injuries, not so much for hip or hamstring issues) to limit swelling. Compression can also further reduce inflammation and can provide pain relief, especially when you first return to running. An ACE bandage is the simplest way to wrap a swollen area, but Amol Saxena, a sports podiatrist in Palo Alto, California, uses a compression dressing with 3M Coban, a self-adherent over-the-counter product. He then uses Kinesio Tex Tape or a Darco Body Armor Walker for when the swelling goes down. "The tape pulls up the skin slightly, allowing more blood to flow to the injured area," he says. He teaches runners, including 2008 Olympic bronze medalist Shalane Flanagan, how to put it on themselves.

ARTICLE: Icing an injury can speed recovery?if you do it right
VIDEO: A taping method to combat Achilles tendinitis, ankle sprain, plantar fasciitis, runner's knee, shinsplints
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"Distance is one of the only things in life you truly earn. Anyone can give you nine pies, but no one can give you nine miles. Nine miles you have to take."

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