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Moore's Marines Winter Training Program, 2010
Our Program is ideal for those who have completed a Fall marathon, or other race and DO NOT WANT TO LOSE THAT FITNESS OVER THE WINTER. You will have a proven training plan that will put you in great form for a Spring race. You will train with others with ...
Dec 7, 2009
3:44:00 PM
New Years Beginning Running Program
We can help meet your fitness goals! Our 8-week Beginning Running Program is designed to instruct non-runners in all aspects of running and to develop running skills. This low-key program will guide the participants from a walk-run to a 20 minute non-stop ...
Dec 7, 2009
3:39:00 PM
Traditional Moore's Marine's™ 5k, Middle Distance, Marathon, Training Program
Congratulations! You have made the first step in a 'great adventure'. Your programs have 30 years of successfully training hundreds of first-time runners, half marathoners, marathoners and ultra trail runners to realize their dream. You too can do it - ...
Mar 30, 2009
12:02:00 PM
New Years Beginning Running Program
ARE YOU READY TO MAKE THAT NEW YEARS RESOLUTION A REALITY? We can help you meet your fitness goals. Bluepoint LLC is offering an 8-week New Years Beginning Running Program designed to instruct non-runners and lapsed-runners in all aspects of running ...
Nov 24, 2008
4:34:00 PM