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From Barbara
Dear Mr. Bowman, Thank you so much for sending the personalized race results from the recent Fun Run. I've never received results before from any races I've run in, and I enjoyed knowing how I compared with others in my age group. Sending ...
Sep 28, 2012
3:20:00 PM
From Leenie, 2/15/2012
Thanks for the kind words in your weekly update. It has been a journey, and so rewarding to see the progression. Running is a very personal thing to me, but I couldn't do it without all your support and wisdom and the same from all the great folks you've ...
Feb 15, 2012
10:51:00 AM
From Jamie, 3/13/2010
Ron and Susan, I cannot thank you enough for letting me experience the run this morning. I was not only looking forward to the rainy run, but got out the door by 0700 on a SAT. I felt so alive and energized as I ran and splashed in the puddles. It ...
Mar 13, 2010
11:07:00 AM
From Leenie, 5/17/09
A friend and I did Zooma together a few weeks ago. She was recovering from pneumonia and I'd been busy training for a century ride and hadn't been doing much running - we were a pair, but we took our time and actually had a fun time. I paid for it the ...
Jun 17, 2009
12:03:00 PM
From Willie G., 10/21/2008
The speed workouts have definitely worked this year along with Paula’s mental imaging. Stewart and I started with the 4:30 pace group and they paced us through the first 4 miles,(10.18/mile), then we started running just a touch faster, 8 seconds ...
Oct 21, 2008
10:25:00 AM
From Rene', 10/20/2008
First off let me say THANK YOU!!! to Ron and everyone in our group. Baltimore was fantastic, my favorite marathon to date, even more than my first. I set a big goal for myself, and wasmostly comfortable that I could do it (at least until the week prior to ...
Oct 20, 2008
10:23:00 AM