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Greetings Summer/Fall Runners; Week #14

Another good day for an 18 mile or 12 mile run this past Saturday;  – 81 degrees/54% humidity.  The group that did 18 did well.  A reminder, that as you go longer distances on sloped roads (Rt 450 or anywhere) make a conscious effort to stay as flat as possible – hug the white line when safe, cross the road to the high, flat side near the marsh just past the 4 Mile mark.  Otherwise, you are a candidate for sharp knee pain one side, called IT band syndrome. It is very recoverable, but can be very painful, and will impact your training.

  Another outstanding Track Session on Wednesday. The dozen who made it experienced “the 4 minutes of hell” very well.  Even the most skeptical that they could get a quality workout in four minutes, were believers after the session J


For those doing the A-10, it will be as much a test of your mental discipline as it will be of your hard-earned fitness.  CAUTION!  The conditions are expected to be in the upper 70’s at the Start and go to upper 80’s with 60%-ish humidity.  Your tendency will be to go out how you feel, which will be elevated because of the high energy level of those around you, and the excitement of testing yourself, which translates to TOO FAST.  The A-10 is (in)famous for lulling runners with the flat early miles and bringing them crashing back to earth over the last half of the race.  Run conservative and save some energy for the Naval Academy bridge and you will have a good race.  Use the race to practice getting through Water Stops efficiently by thinking about what you want and where you will get it (at the early tables or end).  Keep moving and get to the side as you drink so you don’t get ran into by those behind you.  Practice creasing the water cup so you can get more of it down your throat as you start running again.


Above all, REMEMBER you goal is the MARATHON – not the A-10.  It IS POSSIBLE to blow your marathon in October by doing something dumb now.


Our Moore’s Marines Training Program shirts are in!!  I will be in Louisville for the IRONMAN and will miss the Wednesday Track Session and the Saturday run so I am having the shirts sent directly to those of you who made your order.   Another order date will be mid-September so we can have them to train in before the fall marathons.  You will also be able to order shirts from past years.


Go to this link to orde (no UID or Password required):


 (hold control and click or copy and paste into your browser)


 Wednesday AHS Track Session -   START 6:00pm The schedule calls for 600’s and 400’s but I think now is a good time to get back to our Yasso’s – 8 x.  I will not be there to ‘remind’ you to stay CONSISTENT but I will be doing a mind-meld from Louisville J

 Follow up with a one mile Cool Down. 

 During the Warm up do some Knee lifts on one curve and Butt-kicks on the other curve, and jog the straight-aways. THIS is IMPORTANT.



Saturday Run –  ***START AT 6:00am.  Those targeting MCM and later marathons AND doing the A-10 should do the 12 miles scheduled this weekend.

IF you are planning on running the A-10 hard – looking for a PR, do 30 minutes at 10 mile race pace the day before.

MY personal preference and IF you are looking at the A-10 as B race or mid-training progress test – go for 20 steady pace (70%) (18 miles will also work) miles on Saturday before the A-10 very, very easy; and do the A-10 as a ‘depletion run’ (easy run when the legs are fatigued) also very, very easy (marathon pace or slower).  It will be an excellent test for your mental preparation, hydration and nutrition marathon plan.

The Saturday AFTER the A-10 will be a 20 mile run for everyone.  12 miles for Half marathoners, at your 70% pace. Don’t forget your post run Dynamic Cooldown!! 


The route for 20 miles will be Truman, S. Haven, up Pinedale to the ½ Mile mark, then to Rt 450, Bell Branch, Rutland, St Stephens, right on Chesterfield, LEFT onto Hawkins, RIGHT onto  Crownsville and “back to the barn”.

Here is the link for the route: http://www.runningahead.com/groups/truman/Maps/2d3b31d4344743e3b9d7bfb84b0a0747



 Sunday Trail Run – The trails are perfect.. 8:00am or  9:00am


The Annapolis Ten-Mile Run Green Initiative

The Annapolis Ten-Mile Run principals, backed by the Annapolis Striders (ASI), are committed to taking all possible measures to reduce the race’s carbon footprint on the planet while promoting, educating and encouraging club members, race participants, volunteers and spectators to do the same.  The Annapolis Striders’ long-term goal is to make the Annapolis Ten-Mile Run — and all its events throughout the year —the greenest races in the country. We will achieve this goal incrementally through proactive planning, education, shared knowledge and experience as we take a year-by-year, race-by-race approach to greening the runs.

Over time, the Striders intend to:

1.       Reduce overall waste generated by 20% each year until we become net zero.

2.       Minimize the carbon footprint of all event-related transportation.

3.       Become an even stronger community leader and advocate for environmental responsibility.

4.       Build awareness and support among Striders, race participants, sponsors, vendors, spectators and the City of Annapolis for the steps ASI is taking to become environmentally and socially responsible.

Plans for the 2010 Annapolis Ten-Mile Race include:

1.       100% electronic application to reduce paper and ink consumption;

2.       Recycling stations at the expo and race;

3.       Composting stations for collection of watermelon, bananas and other biodegradable items;

4.       Shoe drop-off stations for gently used sneakers (which will be donated to those in need) and for old sneakers (which will be sent to Nike for repurposing as tracks, playgrounds and other uses;

5.       Alternative transportation information and rideshare websites to promote carpooling;

6.       Safety pin stations for drop-off (pre-race), use (race) and return (post-race);

7.       Vendor support to increase the inventory of green products displayed at the expo;

8.       Awareness campaign to equip runners with easy and effective ways to run greener; and

9.       Educational and assessment efforts to learn what works, what doesn’t and what is possible for the future.

Future plans:

1.       Seek ReSport Certification. (most stringent green certification for athletic events)

2.       Join Runners’ World Green Team.

3.       Participate in Active Network’s Go Green Program.

4.       Offer Green Awards for age group winners

5.       Offer Green Premiums for race finishers

6.       Set up a farmers’ market at the finish.

7.       Increase use of biodegradable products.

8.       Use greener Port-o-Potties.

9.       Refine 2010 goals.


Wednesday is the last day to sign up:

Marine Corps Marathon Guaranteed Entry for Moore’s Marines Registration information.

Hyperlink: http://www.active.com/framed/event_detail.cfm?event_id=1831100

Group name: MOOR’S MARINES

Password: BOWMAN

Form Open Date: June 4th 2010

Form Close Date: August 25th 2010

Cost Per Registration $90.00 + processing fee



Tom Nelson has constructed a site to show our routes and water stop locations for the long run coming up each week.  You can indicate your intention to run and see who else is planning on showing up – one more incentive for getting there. Check back to the following website later in the week for the latest info on water support:  http://www.runningahead.com/groups/truman/Forum


NOTE:  Steve has added a rotating photo feature to the web page. I have sent him some photos but if you have any you like, send them to Steve at: steve.carton@retrievalsystems.com  Take a look.


 " It is the constant and determined effort that breaks down resistance, and sweeps away all obstacles”

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