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Greetings Summer/Fall Runners; Week #13 - Supplement

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Saturday morning run at 6:00am


I have heard from some of you targeting the Baltimore Marathon wondering about your long runs for the next 9 weeks before the marathon on 16 September; especially for this weekend and the A-10.

-If you are doing Baltimore, you CAN do your second 18 mile run this coming Saturday. 

If you are doing the A-10, I would recommend doing the 12 miles next Saturday (before the A-10 IF you are looking at the A-10 as a B Race, ie not running it all out.

If you want to run A-10 hard only do 30 minutes at your 10 mile race pace next Saturday.


I will go over A-10 Race Strategy in detail next week.


Those targeting MCM and later marathons AND doing the A-10 should do the 12 miles scheduled this weekend.

IF you are planning on running the A-10 hard – looking for a PR, do 30 minutes at 10 mile race pace the day before.

MY personal preference and IF you are looking at the A-10 as B race or mid-training progress test – go for 20 (18 miles will also work) miles on Saturday before the A-10 very, very easy; and do the A-10 as a ‘depletion run’ (easy run when the legs are fatigued) also very, very easy (marathon pace or slower).  It will be an excellent test for your mental preparation, hydration and nutrition marathon plan.


The Saturday AFTER the A-10 will be a 20 mile run for everyone.


Basically what is going to happen is that those doing Baltimore will get to the 22 mile run sooner than the rest of the group and closer to their marathon; but not TOO close.


Those doing later marathons will have more longer runs but will have a longer Taper period.

Note: the schedule is written for the Baltimore marathon up to September then shifts to targeting MCM.  I have (and will) make some adjustments as we progress, based on that progress.  This will be the same for the Track Sessions.  For example, we are behind the written schedule one week for Yasso’s but there is time to do the full ten.


Hope that helps.  If anyone still has questions – or if this creates more questions J;  let me know.  This schedule may be different for those of you with individual schedules, and we will work one-on-one.

Saturday Run –  ***START AT 6:00am.  12 Miles steady pace (70%).10 miles for Half marathoners, at your 70% pace. Don’t forget your post run Dynamic Cooldown!!  The route this week will be the Chesterfield Loop (right on St Stephens, right on Chesterfield, right on Crownsville


 "A ny runner can look good when things are going well; it’s those who hang in there when things are going bad that show the real heart of a long distance runner. “

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