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Moore's Marines Shirts

To allow some late orders, I have extended the cutoff date for initial orders until this Monday.


Our Moore’s Marines Training Program shirts are ready!!  This year, instead of me being the middle man, you can get your shirt directly online from our “store”.   They are a high quality tech sleeveless bright green shirt – easy to find in a crowd.  The I will be covering part of the cost so the price to you is $15.   Select the size you want according to the size chart.  You will be asked for your address so the shirt can be mailed directly to you if necessary.  The first order date will be 11 August.  Another order date will be mid-September so we can have them to train in before the fall marathons.

You will also be able to order shirts from past years.


Go to this link to orde (no UID or Password required):


 (hold control and click or copy and paste into your browser)



 " Mental toughness is not defined as the toughest, meanest, loudest person in the arena of sport. Mental toughness is being able to summon your emotional strength at the right time and using it with grace and dignity - win or lose. Knowing that we will be defined not by the fight by how we fought. What we overcame to get to the starting line and cross the finish line.  

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