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Greetings Winter/Spring Runners; Week #21

Greetings Winter/Spring Runners;  Week #21

Another GREAT running weekend! 

There was a large turnout for Truman; starting at various times from 5am to 8am.  When we start the Schedule in a couple of weeks, I will include a specific route.  Until then, let me know if you are going longer or on one of the alternate routes.  It does not make sense to ask our Water Stop Captains to put water at spots no one is planning on using.

Wednesday Track Session -   START 6:00pm .Most everyone is ready to resume Build or Maintenance runs.  4 Minutes of Hell – 8 x 20sec All Out (95%), 10 sec recovery. Do one mile Warm Up and one mile Cool Down.  During the Warm up do some Knee lifts on one curve and Butt-kicks on the other curve, and jog the straight-aways. Let me know how it goes.  I would like to hear what you think of this workout.  It has gotten a lot of hype in the ‘trade’ magazines.  The Japanese are getting some terrific results.  I am interested in how they work for ‘older’ – ‘more mature’ runners J.

Saturday Run –  ***START AT 6:30am. **** 10 Miles steady state (70%), 80% for the last 2 miles  – just do not overdo it. 6 miles for Half marathoners, at your 70% pace

Sunday Trail Run – The trails are perfect..  9:00am should be a good Start time, but let everyone  if you want to set something up.

Now that the training is ramping up here are 6 Roadblocks that can slow your progress toward meeting your goals.

1.       Negative Thoughts – If you fill your head with negative thoughts about your ability as an athlete, it’s impossible to succeed.  It does not matter whether you goals include a podium spot – you are still an athlete.  You can only be successful if you believe in yourself.  This does not have to be as extreme as ‘I am a slow runner and will always be slow’ but can just be having a ‘phobia’ about hills, or speed work.  I include EXCUSES in this category as well.   One that I think we all deal with is- just getting up for a 6:30am Saturday run after a hard week at work.  That 5 minutes after the alarm goes off will set the tone for the rest of the day.  You can come up with every excuse in the world to stay in that warm bed, but if you get past that “first 5 minutes”, you have started the day on a positive note – and you will find that it is “too cold”, “too dark”, “too rainy”, etc. etc. usually are not as bad as we initially think.   Ron’s Rule Number One – YOU AWAYS SHOW UP J

2.       Support System Failure – If your friends and family don’t support your routine or your athletic goals, it is difficult to succeed.  Tell them why running and being active is important to your long term health; mental and physical.  Try to involve them in some way so they can celebrate your athletic success; but remember to make time for their interests as well.  BALANCE IN ALL THINGS.

3.        No Routine – If you squeeze your runs into spare moments, without making them a priority, other things that seem more important at the moment will always take precedence.  Consistency and routine are critical for long term health and fitness.  I have read studies that say it takes 21 days to establish a ‘routine’.  Set a goal to do your routine for 3 weeks.  Then re-evaluate. One strategy is to schedule  an appointment –actually put it on your calendar- to run/exercise a certain number of days or hours each week.  Treat this like a real appointment and recruit a buddy to meet you.

4.       Boredom – If you’re running routing has become boring and uninspiring, the death of your routine is close. Look for ways to vary your fitness routine to make it more interesting.  Talk someone into taking this new challenge with you.  Adventure loves company, and you might get them started on a path toward their own goals.

5.       Inconvenience. – If the best gym or health club is a long drive out of your way, your enthusiasm to make that commute may quickly deteriorate. Look for ways to make getting fit easy and convenient.  Find fitness opportunities close to your home or office, or along your commute.  Pack your gear and healthy snacks the night before you go to the gym, ride your bike to work, or run or walk.

6.       Perfection – Runners who see the world in terms of success or failure, black and white, have a hard time dealing with inevitable fitness bump in the road.  We can all strive for excellence, but no one is perfect. When your fitness is derailed, it’s merely a temporary setback.  What’s holding you back?  Find creative solutions.



Below is the link for the 2010 Moore’s Marines Training Program:

You all will continue to get these Weekly Updates and be eligible for the guaranteed entries and the Destination Trip.  However, it would be very much appreciated if you would ‘join’ the program to help offset the support for the Mile Support Stations and the Port A Pot maintenance.  Your entry fee will cover about two months of Port A Pot usage.

How about – Wine Glass marathon in New York?  It is time to start thinking about whether we want to do a Destination Trip, and if so, where.  Reply All with your suggestion.  Steve will be opening a Poll on  website.

We get a discounted rate of $46 per month for the unit.  Contributions can be made directly to me or via PayPal – or – Steve has set up a PayPal “Buy Now” option from the www.bluepointtiming.com site.

Marine Corps Marathon Guaranteed Entry for Moore’s Marines Registration information.

Hyperlink: http://www.active.com/framed/event_detail.cfm?event_id=1831100

Group name: MOOR’S MARINES

Password: BOWMAN

Form Open Date: June 4th 2010

Form Close Date: August 25th 2010

Cost Per Registration $90.00 + processing fee

Mark the Date

May 22 – One Mile Run to Benefit Special Olympics, downtown Annapolis sponsored by Annapolis Police Department.  www.annapolis1milerun.com

 June 27 – Chestertown DRAGONFLY Sprint Tri = Swim ½ Mile in the Chester River off the Washington college dock; Bike 18 Miles along the river, Run 5k through the scenic streets of Chestertown.  Beer and Wine sampling from the local Winery and lots of food at the end.


 July 18 – Rosaryville 10k, 15k, 25k, 50k Trail Runs


 Tom Nelson has constructed a site to show our routes and water stop locations for the long run coming up each week.  You can indicate your intention to run and see who else is planning on showing up – one more incentive for getting there. Check back to the following website later in the week for the latest info on water support:  http://www.runningahead.com/groups/truman/Forum

 NOTE:  Steve has added a rotating photo feature to the web page. I have sent him some photos but if you have any you like, send them to Steve at: steve.carton@retrievalsystems.com  Take a look.

" He who runs for pleasure never gets old"

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