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From Jamie, 3/13/2010

Ron and Susan,

I cannot thank you enough for letting me experience the run this morning.

I was not only looking forward to the rainy run, but got out the door by 0700 on a SAT.
I felt so alive and energized as I ran and splashed in the puddles. It was man vs nature against the windy hills. It was so great to be outside and experience life again!

I know that 3 months ago, I would have been locked up inside with low energy and loads of stress eating at me. Today, even though the stress is still around, I am able to use the running as a relief to clear my mind, heart and aches.  All top of all that, I am getting in shape and have more energy!

So, I owe you thanks for having this program. I owe you thanks for allowing me and the group to start slow and build into running correctly.

I feel ready for the next level of longer runs. I am not tired after the workout any more.
I am looking forward to group run tomorrow.


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