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Greetings Spring Runners; Week #30

****- Sunday 6 December for our annual Post Marathon Party 

LOCATION will be at the AUSTIN GRILL in the Westfield Annapolis Mall.

TIME will be 5:30pm until we leave.  There will be a Special Happy Hour for us.  Bring your marathon medal, t-shirt, and best ‘war stories’. family welcome. Please rsvp so we know how many to expect.

-This past Saturday was a great day for a long run – or a taper run for those doing PHILADELPHIA MARATHON, REHOBETH MARATHON or JFK 50 this Saturday, or NCR Marathon on 28 November. 

Sometimes repetition is the best way to engrain a thought. Re-read the Updates from the past few weeks.  You can find them on the website.

To summarize –

**Taper like your life (race) depends on it – because it does.
**Trust your training – you have done the hard part, you ARE ready.
**Take the day as it comes – there are too many variables to plan for everything; that’s the great thing about what we do.
**Take a moments-often-to appreciate what you are doing; and that you are among the fortunate few able to take on this challenge. Be greatful.
**Recognize there will come a MOMENT when you will question why you are doing this, is it worth it, there will be other marathons, no one will notice if you back off – compromise your goals; and a hundred other excuses (I’ve used them all J ). 
**When this happens, it is as much a chemical sign as a mental one.  At the first sign of a negative thought, take an energy gel, drink; and repeat some phrase that has meaning to YOU………Pain is Temporary – Pride IS Forever.

*****- I will have our Moore’s Marine’s Marathon shirts at Truman this Saturday.  We have extra’s so bring $15 and pick one up.

 Wednesday Track Session -   START 6:00pm  This should be an easy pace session for those doing PHILADELPHIA or REHOBETH . Do 4 x 800 repeats  with 1 lap recovery. 

Saturday Run –  ***START AT 6:30am. **** This is for those doing your recovery run; 10 to 12 miles EASY.  You may feel full of energy early but will start to fade earlier if you have not recovered enough.  If that happens – back off on the ‘easy’ pace or cut the run short. If you press on, the next days will be spent doing more recovery and not getting you back to maintenance training or gearing up for your next event.

Sunday Trail Run –Start at 8:00 am for one loop of the AHS trail.

I will be setting up our MOORE’S MARINE’s WINTER Training Program to start in December; after all of the Fall marathons are over.

Donations are still needed to keep the Port A Pot at the Park N Ride.  $46 covers one month.  There are a lot of us that use the ‘facilities’ and I hope would contribute their share.

Again; Tom Nelson has constructed a site to show our routes and water stop locations for the long run coming up each week.  Check back to the following website later in the week for the latest info on water support:  http://www.runningahead.com/groups/truman/Forum

HELP!!  Ten volunteers are needed for the WESTFIELD ANNAPOLIS 5k on Sunday, 6 December at 7 am.

Having an individualized hydration plan is a great idea for every endurance athlete.   But since everyone sweats at a different rate, it’s important to follow your own plan.  You can easily do this by estimating your personal fluid loss.  To start, weigh yourself before and after training and competition with the goal to weigh the same before and after exercise. The weight loss represents fluids lost from the blood and muscle. If you lost weight, drink more next time.  If you gained weight, cut back on your fluids.  Keep in mind sweat rates can vary depending on environmental conditions, so be sure to calculate it in various situations. Remember to replace what you lose – which includes critical electrolytes, like sodium, but don’t replace more than what you lose.

Other than weighing in and out after training, there is no “best” way to tell if you are dehydrated. One easy way to predict if you’re properly hydrated is to check the color of your urine. If your urine is pale like the color of lemonade, that’s a sign of good hydration.  Crystal-clear urine often indicates over-hydration and the need to cut back on fluids.  Dark urine (like the color of apple juice) may signal dehydration and the need to drink more. 

When training for an endurance event like a marathon, your beverage choice matters.  Water is an option for short distances.  Look for a sports drink/beverage with electrolytes and carbohydrate to help replace the electrolytes you lose in sweat, promote rapid absorption, and supply energy especially during long distance events..
Go For It

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