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Greetings Spring Runners; Week #25

-Let’s hear from you BALTIMORE Marathon and Half Marathon finishers!!

CONGRATULATIONS!!   YOU did it!  Take some time to embrace your accomplishment.  This is NOT a small accomplishment - brag a little.  You DESERVE it.  Wear your medal to work!   Take additional satisfaction in knowing it was not an easy day.  One of the nice things about working with first time marathoners is, that even when I have a less than optimum race, I get to feed off the excitement of others.   I am so proud of each one of you.  You are one tough group.  You paid attention to the conditions and listened to your body and adjusted your effort accordingly - to FINISH

- Whether or not you EVER do another marathon; you have accomplished something that very few will; and you will have those memories of your first marathon FOREVER.  - WAS I RIGHT?  PAIN IS TEMPORARY  (but maybe for a couple of days)  :-)

-   Some of us had very good runs, meeting or bettering our expectations.  Others had a tougher time,  whether from a nagging injury or something that came up unexpectedly.  You just never know what is in store for you that day.  You just have to take the day as it comes and deal with whatever the day throws at you - and persevere.   There is a reason why our logo saying "Pain is temporary, Pride is Forever" was such a hit with everyone on the course.  A young lady came up beside me at about 21 miles and said she had been following me for 3 miles just focusing on that saying to keep her motivated - then she went on by me; oh well :-)

- I felt pretty good about my race..  I did not go in with any real expectations, not sure what my marathon ‘fitness’ was, so I resolved to just ‘see what the day brought’.  Knowing Steamtown, I started out conservative and decided to just held steady until the ‘fade’ started to set in.  The wheels got wobbly but never ‘came off’ so I just decided to go with it.  About 20 miles I finally looked at my watch and saw I had a shot at breaking 4:20.  I decided “what the hell” and kept up the pace instead of relaxing and accepting a less ‘painful’ finish – and crossed in 4:17.

-The bus trip was a great success.  It was soooo nice to have someone else do the driving – especially on the trip back.  There is already talk of doing another ‘destination trip’ so if you and some buddies come up with one talk it up and get some momentum going.  The WINE GLASS MARATHON in Corning NY was tossed around as a possibility.

Wednesday Track Session -   START 6:00pm  This is a repeat of last week . Do 4 x 800 repeats  with 1 lap recovery.  Remember – keep all at the same pace. Be consistent. At this point you are not trying to make get stronger or faster – that work has been done (or not). Now you want to continue the taper theme of giving your muscles recovery time while still keeping the ‘muscle memory’ for running quicker. Those doing November marathons still have a couple of good track sessions – THEY ARE IMPORTANT.

Saturday Run –  ***START AT 6:30am. **** This is for those doing later (MCM, PHILA, NEW YORK, RICMOND) . Those doing later marathons, you have done your long run, you can do ONE MORE long run (18 to 20 miles) but now is when you start your gradual Taper.  MCM’ers do 10 miles with 5 miles at your marathon pace to get your legs “used” to the pace.  NOTE: The route will be out Truman,  out Rt 450.

 Sunday Trail Run –Start at 8:00 am for one loop of the AHS trail.  Something different this Sunday. We will run the trails behind Crownsville Hospital.  Let me know if you are interested in joining us and I will send you details.

- Some of you have indicated you want to do another marathon, or keep the fitness you have worked so hard for, and want to know how to best go about it. (the fish-hook is SET; the FIRE is Lite :-)  ).  We still have a lot of the group targeting MCM, RICHMOND, PHILADELPHIA, and NEW YORK.

-First RECOVER; heal any lingering injuries. IF you think you feel ready to go - go for a few miles this weekend.  My guess (after a lot years living it) is that you will feel more tired than you expected.  Take some more time off, with shorter, easier runs, bike, swim (no breast stroke, or butterfly), or walk.

-During this Recovery period, think about what you want to do. Set GOALS. You should not pick a marathon any earlier than the Spring, like the B&A, or George Washington's Birthday Marathon, or the Frederick Marathon, or the National Marathon in DC, or Shamrock Marathon in Va Beach. Destination races are great fun.  A Fall marathon would be more sensible.  If you run too soon, you may be able to do it but eventually you WILL get injured.

-Until then, try to keep the same elements in your routine: 3/4 days per week, one up-tempo (a little faster, even track work), one hills, and one slightly longer weekday run, then your long run on the weekend.  The long run should be at least 10 miles but, occasionally bounce up to 14 miles.  Now you know why we use Truman Park N Ride year around.

-Don't be too focused on getting faster. What you are doing is building on the running BASE you have built over the past 5 months. As you get stronger, the up-tempo runs will slowly get quicker.  Purists say that to train for a marathon properly it should take a minimum of two years.

-Remember; we run from Truman EVERY Saturday, rain or shine, or snow; and we continue to put water out.  One thing most of you have not experienced yet is breaking the ice off the water at the Water Stops so you can get a drink, or brushing the icicles off your eyelashes.

-I hope you are all taking it easy this week because A) you deserve it, and B) you need a lot more recovery than you were used to after our long runs - you beat your body up pretty good; right?    Drink lots of fluid, don't worry about feeling blotted or gaining a few pounds, it's your body reacting to the beating you gave it.   Light cross-training this week, and get a massage, if possible.   Don't over react if you feel some depression ("now what") and/or get a little irritable - it will pass.  It is just the toxins from the exertion affecting your psyche until they get flushed out.

****-We are looking at Saturday 6 December for our annual Post Marathon Party  date and location. Let me know if that date works for you.  We are looking at a Potluck format.  It is very casual and a great opportunity to exchange ‘war stories’ and show off race shirts and medals :-)

Again; Tom Nelson has constructed a site to show our routes and water stop locations for the long run coming up each week.  Check back to the following website later in the week for the latest info on water support:  http://www.runningahead.com/groups/truman/Forum

 There was a new marathon in the area last week.  The Freedoms Run Marathon and half two weeks ago near Shepherdstown WVa.  Luanne Turrentine is a long time friend who walked the marathon and ended up being interviewed at the finish by a reporter from the local paper.
The article is at: http://www.shepherdstownchronicle.com/page/content.detail/id/500488/Runner--It-s-about-finishing-the-race.html?nav=5089
Sometimes coverage is to people other than the winners; and Luanne exemplifies the common thread the ties those reading this together.

 The following article was passed on to me... not for any particular ethical discussion of legality of iPods, but for other amusing anecdotes about the sanity of marathons and the organizers who put them on....  I know I have felt like eating raw elk meat and assaulting mail boxes a couple of times J  Read on:


Mental toughness is not defined as the toughest, meanest, loudest person in the arena of sport. Mental toughness is being able to summon your emotional strength at the right time and using it with grace and dignity - win or lose.   Knowing that we will be defined not by the fight by how we fought.  What we overcame to get to the starting line and cross the finish   line”

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