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Greetings Spring Runners; Week #24

- GOOD 10 mile RUN Saturday.  A little chilly at the start but about 65 at the finish, which the early forecasts say is what we can expect for Race Day Saturday for BALTIMORE or Sunday for STEAMTOWN. Everyone looked comfortable and all (most) of the nicks and dings seem to be healed or are being managed.  YOU ARE READY!

-Let’s hear from those Army 10 Mile or Metric Marathon finishers!!

- Well, the time draws near!  This final week I encourage you to do keep your regular schedule but reduce the volume and intensity by 50%.  Do some cross training.   Mainly to keep from getting stale and to get the heart rate up a little and to burn off that nervous energy that's building up.  Get that last massage and/or chiropractic visit in (I do both). Don't change your eating or sleeping habits; other than to try to get more carbs in from Wednesday on, particularly on Friday.  Thursday or Friday should also be your best night’s sleep. Don't worry if you find it difficult to sleep Saturday night (the night before) - I still do.  Pay attention to taking in plenty of fluids.  Don't worry about over-hydrating.  That's what restrooms are for.  I  know your significant other will love hearing this but, don't undertake any strenuous 'chores' - don't want to sabotage your race with a pulled muscle from lifting.

Now for MARATHON final preparations: -  Make an inventory of what you want to take by Pre-race, Race, and Post Race.and start laying it out NOW (don't worry you WILL forget something) -Raceready shorts with pockets already loaded with medicine bag, Succeed, Gel,  - CHIP - Singlet with bib pinned - SHOES, Socks, long-sleeve shirt, hat, gloves, trash bag. Don't try to decide EXACTLY what you will wear, bring enough to be prepared either way (warmer or colder) you can always put it in your Drop Bag or Start with it and drop it or wrap it around your waist.  PRE-RACE warmups; to be put in your Drop Bag just before going to the START. TWO water bottles of your Recovery drink (CytoMax, Accelerade, etc.), one for before the Start and one for when you Finish.

-Dress warm for the drive/shuttle/wait before the Start. You will be sitting around a lot, and fidgeting, changing clothes 10 times, making 4 Pit Stops, will not keep you warm enough, especially if it is a chilly morning.

Take 2 water bottles of energy drink (Gatorade, Acelerade, etc.), one for BEFORE the Start, and one waiting for you when you Finish, and something to eat; Powerbar, etc in case the lines are too long. Have shirt/shorts/warmups  to put in your Drop bag before the Start. (Yes, I am repeating). - About 15/20 minutes before the Start, take off your warmups, put on the trash bag (with holes already cut for head/arms) and take your Drop bag to the truck with your bib number. - Then Fidget, chat, pee, until Start.

-RACE STRATEGY:  Here are a few race strategies to remember:   - If you feel like you are going too slow in the first few (about 5) miles- you are doing just about the right pace.

-Make your 'pit stop' as early as possible so you won't be rushed before the Start. 

-If you are well hydrated, you may find you have to make a pit stop -or two- during the race.  Don't wait until your eyes turn yellow to make the stop.  I once had to make two 60sec pit stops - way too long.

-If you do make a stop, do not try to catch up with your running partners all at once.  Pick a pace a little quicker than you were doing before the stop.  You will eventually catch them.  If you don't, you were probably going too fast to start with - or they didn't like your company :-)

- Know where/when the Water Stops are, and think about what you want about 1/4mile before getting there.  This gives you time to get your energy gel out and tear off the top with your teeth (which will get exceedingly more difficult to do), open your medicine bag for Succeed, Advil or whatever you need, and put it in your mouth but just resting on your tongue- ready for water.

- DO NOT even THINK about taking any of the above without water.  I tried it with a Succeed tablet and gagged for about 1/2 mile before it went down.

- Try to stay loose by talking to your running mates and looking around, wave to the spectators, they love it.  Say 'thanks' to the volunteers and Police; they get little else for being out there longer than you will.

-  Positive thoughts, Positive thoughts, Positive thoughts, Positive thoughts.

-This a little late but if there is anyone who wants to help with a “Moore’s Marine’s Support Stop” along the course – let me know.  This is a great way for family, friends, running partners doing a different race can help out. Bring what you can; hard candy, Advil, Vaseline, cookies, a couple jugs of water, stuff you would like to see at that point of the race. 


- I've gotten a number of questions about what happens AFTER the marathon.    First, get fluid and nutrition as soon as possible after you finish, even if you don't feel like it.  The lines at the Food stations will be long so stash some Gatorade, energy bars in your post-marathon change bag just in case.    Get into your post marathon warm ups as soon as possible. It's easy to get chilled quickly - NOW you can put on your race premium shirt - NOT BEFORE  - bad karma .     Hook up with your mates and enjoy the moment - do some light stretching at the same time. 

-Start taking anti-inflammatory every four hours to stave off the soreness. Take an epsom salts hot bath; preferably after you get home.   Light stretching, easy bike, swim, walking for the next couple of days. No running until the weekend, IF you feel like it then.   Be aware of post-marathon blues.  There is a lot of scientific evidence that says everyone goes through some post marathon (endurance event) depression. For me it's about three days after that I get that "now what?"  feeling and get a little grumpy (not Ron, you say!).  You also might notice some sudden weight gain.  Not to worry; your body is reacting to the significant disruption in your body hormones/chemical balance, and is sucking up all the nutrition and fluid it can to repair the damage you did  to it.  It will pass -literally.    More later on when should you start running again.

POST YOUR TIME and any comments/anecdotes on the Forum. 

- This is going to be YOUR moment!    You have run over 600 miles in the last 5 months. Neither I, nor your spouse, nor your running partner, has run one step for you - and they can't do it now.   "Pain is temporary- Pride is forever" is more than just a catchy phrase. 

WHY are YOU going to make it?

Because YOU have spent the last five months preparing for this - you ARE ready.  TRUST your training. Because Lunch Hour means RUNNING six miles. Because no matter what it takes you WILL make it up Iwo Jima hill. Because you have committed yourself to do this - and that means something. Because you ARE a bit insane. Because you are realizing a DREAM that will be with you FOREVER. Because THERE WILL ONLY BE ONE FIRST MARATHON IN YOUR LIFE and THAT means something too.

-         Please let me know if this is your first marathon.  Kim Couranz will be sending a questionnaire for first-timers.


-  Some caution- one more time:  At this point, there are more things you can do to jeopardize your marathon than things you can do to improve your performance.  Now is the time to maintain your sharpness and start to taper - more on that in the coming weeks.

- REMEMBER  - You will NEVER have another FIRST MARATHON so you want to make it as pleasant an experience as possible.  Use a conservative hurried approach.  You can choose to "push the envelope" for your next marathon - or not.

- The shirts have been ordered and the plan is to have them by Thursday or Friday so those doing BALTIMORE or STEAMTOWN can have them. Below is the mock up for a short sleeved shirt  We had to opt for the short sleeve version in order to get the color we wanted.  I ordered a few extra in each size – just in case J

Here are the size specs:


Womens Bust XS (30-32)  SM 32-24  MD  34-36  LG 37-39  XL 40-42

Mens Chest  XS 34-36  SM 36-38  MD 38-40  LG 41-43  XL 44-46


-We also should start thinking about our annual Post Marathon Party  date and location.  The party is usually in the late November or early December timeframe.  It is very casual and a great opportunity to exchange ‘war stories’ and show off race shirts and medals J How about Squisito’s?

Wednesday Track Session -   START 6:00pm  This is a repeat of last week . Do 4 x 800 repeats  with 1 lap recovery.  Remember – keep all at the same pace. Be consistent. At this point you are not trying to make get stronger or faster – that work has been done (or not). Now you want to continue the taper theme of giving your muscles recovery time while still keeping the ‘muscle memory’ for running quicker.

Saturday Run –  ***START AT 6:30am. **** This is for those doing later (MCM, PHILA, NEW YORK, RICMOND) . You have done your long run, you can do ONE MORE long run (18 to 20 miles) but now is when you start your gradual Taper.  Do 16 miles.  NOTE: The route will be out Truman, up/down Pinedale, out Rt 450, Bell Branch, back Rt 450.

 Sunday Trail Run –Start at 8:00 am for one loop of the AHS trail.  Something different this Sunday. We will run the trails behind Crownsville Hospital.  Let me know if you are interested in joining us and I will send you details.

The Intermediate Group will be doing their run at 9:00am from Truman Park N Ride, for 5 mile run out to South River Road intersection, turn RIGHT, under the Rt 50 overpass and out to the Rt 450 intersection at the Arundel Sign Water Stop and back with four 2 minute walk breaks but try to pick up the pace slightly.

Again; Tom Nelson has constructed a site to show our routes and water stop locations for the long run coming up each week.  Check back to the following website later in the week for the latest info on water support:  http://www.runningahead.com/groups/truman/Forum

Only those who test the distance will know how far they can go” 

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