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Greetings Spring Runners; Week #21 - Addendum

You should have received this week’s Update #21 but Kim forwarded the following article to me that I wanted to share.

At some point, all of you have heard me ask you “make sure you know WHY you are doing this”.  Training for a marathon is not something to undertake on a whim, or because a friend is, or to lose weight.  You have also had someone ask you “why you are doing this?”  You have probably heard my standard response when I am asked that question; “some people collect stamps”.  It is somewhat trite but easier to go into the because during a long run there comes a point when the psychological separation between “me” and “everything else” becomes blurred – the metaphysical equivalent of “a oneness with nature”.

The article below, captures that concept I struggle to explain – to non-runners, and you.  Now not all of “us”  struggle with the ravages of severe depression as Danielle, the author of this article, but we ALL can, and do, have “things” going on in our lives that can (are) benefited by running.

At this point in your training, it is a good time to read this article – and reaffirm to yourself WHY you are doing this.


At the same time, we must keep the realities of what we do – running – in mind; as evidenced by “one of our own” being hit by a Metro bus in D.C. as she crossed the street in the cross walk.  The young lady did not have identification on her and it was late in the evening before she was identified.  Get in the habit of wearing you ID, even when running with the group, but especially when you head out the door by yourself.

 “Running is something you just do. You don't need a goal, you don't need a race. All you need is a cheap pair of shoes and some time. The rest will follow.” Ted Corbitt

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