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Greetings Spring Runners; Week #18

NOTE:  We have almost expended the Port A Pot donations received so far so we need some others to contribute to keep the service. We only pay $46 for the consumables.  Contributions can be made directly to me preferably by check but I will take cash, or via PayPal by sending the funds to lynnron1@comcast.net and marking it for Truman Port a Pot.  A couple of people have used this method with good results.

- I hope everyone got their run in.  Please share with us how your run went; how was your hydration, nutrition, pacing.  I am sure there are a lot of good tip and/or lessons learned everyone can use.  I have not had as much one-on-one with each of you as I would like so I would like to hear how your training is going.

-The TIMBERMAN 70.3 triathlon went well; tough but well.  Although it almost got off to a bad start when Missy, Patrick and I could not get OUT of our room on race morning because of a stuck door.  The swim was great, the bike was very hilly and took more out of me than I expected which made the 13.1 mile run similar to the final miles of a 50 miler :-(

-For those doing the A-10 this Sunday, here are some things to keep in mind.  REMEMBER, this is NOT your goal race.  I know many runners who have sabotaged their marathon by not running the A-10 (or upcoming Army 10 Miler) wisely.  You look at it as ‘only’ ten miles, or you get caught up in the enthusiasm of the local crowd or your group of friends – and that 7 min/mile feels so comfortable in those early miles that you think “I can hold this”.   BE PATIENT.  Think of it as an extended tempo run.  You can even do ‘pick-ups’; run miles 1 to 3 at warm up pace, miles 4 to 8 at 20 or 30 seconds under marathon pace and then 10k pace for the last 2 miles.  RECOVER well; don’t spend too much time at the beer stand.  If it is hot or a cold rain, immediately get in the shade or get a jacket on.  Get 100 grams of carbs and some protein eaten in the first 30 minutes – plenty of bagels and bananas will be available.

-Also, please send in the marathon you are targeting so we can start compiling who is doing which marathons to share logistics, travel, lodging, - support.

-It is also time to start working on this year’s “Moore’s Marines Marathon Training Program – Pain is Temporary – Pride is Forever” shirts.  In order to reduce the number of excess shirts, I would like to only order shirts for those who want one.  Let me know if you want a shirt and your size.  The plan will be to get them in time for your marathon.  I think Baltimre/Steamtown marathons are first up.

-We also should start thinking about our annual Post Marathon Party  date and location.  The party is usually in the late November or early December timeframe.  It is very casual and a great opportunity to exchange ‘war stories’ and show off race shirts and medals J

-NOTE: TAKE PRECAUTION. Dennis McGinley passed on a  warning.  Last week, 16 August, his  window was smashed and  gym bag was taken.  The Police told him about 10 cars were hit that morning.  He was parked in the lower section where we all usually park.  Apparently, they targeted cars with something of potential value laying on the seats so keep things locked in your trunk or out of sight.

We had a spat of similar window breaking a couple of years ago.  They stopped after I asked the Police if they would make an occasional drive through during the time we are running.  I will call them again.

Again; Tom Nelson has constructed a site to show our routes and water stop locations for the long run coming up each week.  Check back to the following website later in the week for the latest info on water support:  http://www.runningahead.com/groups/truman/Forum

Wednesday Track Session -   START 6:00pm  This week we will do 5 x 600’s with 1/2 lap recovery between each and finish with 4x100’s. 

Saturday Run –  ***START AT 6:00am. ****   This will be a drop back to 14 miles or 10 miles + 5 miles (one loop) of the AHS Trails for those training for a Trail Run or 5 miles for the A-10/Half Marathon group.  NOTE:  The route will be out Rt 450 to  the 7 mile mark and back. This should be an easy run with few (er) hills. Run comfortably but RESIST the urge to pick the pace up because you are feeling ‘good’;  especially if you plan to do the A-10.

 Sunday Trail Run – For those not doing the A-10;  start at 8:00 am for one loop of the AHS trail.  This should NOT be a tempo run.  You ran long on Saturday and do not want to overdo it Sunday, even if it is on the trails. When done correctly, these runs are great for shaking off the stiffness from the previous day’s long run.

The Intermediate Group will be doing their run at 9:00am from Truman Park N Ride, for 5 mile run out to South River Road intersection, turn RIGHT, under the Rt 50 overpass and out to the Rt 450 intersection at the Arundel Sign Water Stop and back with four 2 minute walk breaks but try to pick up the pace slightly.

“You must be willing to suffer and keep on suffering.

On a good day, the running seems to flow effortlessly.

On a bad day, it's the pain that flows.”  Ted Corbitt

Stay Healthy


Ron Bowman
c: 410-570-0003

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