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Greetings Spring Runners; Week #9

Note:  Some of you have indicated you have not received some of my recent emails so please ‘reply’ just to me so I can determine if/who is not getting the emails.  Remember, sometimes these group emails go to your Spam folder.  Also, Steve Carton posts every email to our website as soon as they are sent, so you can always check www.bluepointtiming.com to see any messages you might have missed – then let me know.

Great morning for the run last Saturday – if you like the first two of the four H’s; Hot and Humid! Who can tell me what the other two H’s are?  The run was a little muggy– 78degrees, 84% humidity. 

Again, let me know if you are planning on doing the Wednesday and/or Saturday, or Sunday sessions.  We should have a couple of new faces.

Tom Nelson has constructed a site to show our routes and water stop locations for the long run coming up each week.  Check back to the following website later in the week for the latest info on water support:  http://www.runningahead.com/groups/truman/Forum

Wednesday Track Session -   START 6:00pm.   The Striders are doing their last All Comer’s Track Meet again this week. There were only about a dozen runners there so we still did our 800’s.  This week we can do the same or do them around the school, or do the trails. 

This week we will do 3x 1200’s (3 laps) and 4 x 100’s;  with 1 lap rest.  I plan to be there.  The session will be dependent on if the rain is anything other than a drizzle.  Gather at Squisito’s after.

Saturday Run –  ***START AT 6:00am. **** This will also be a Build Run16 MILES again or 12 miles + 4 miles (one loop) of the AHS Trails for those training for a Trail Run or 7 miles for the A-10/Half Marathon group.  If you are just joining the group and are not sure if you are up to the distance, touch base with me before we start.

NOTE:  I am putting out Hammer Recoverite at the 2 Mile Stop.  It looks a little milky so don’t think it is funky water.  I will mark it with a piece of red tape so it is more visible.  I think it is pretty good but let me know what you think.

The route will be out Rt 450 to  LEFT Rt 424, LEFT  on Bell Branch, LEFT on Rutland, and RIGHT back onto Rt 450 (Defense Hwy); back to the Arundel Signs Water Stop. THEN TURN RIGHT ONTO PINEDALE and go up to the ¼ Mile Mark, turnaround and head back to Truman.

 Sunday Trail Run – The days are getting warmer so let’s start at 8:00 am.  This should NOT be a tempo run.  You ran long on Saturday and do not want to overdo it Sunday, even if it is on the trails.

The Intermediate Group will be doing their run at 9:00am from Truman Park N Ride, for 5 mile run out to South River Road intersection, turn RIGHT, under the Rt 50 overpass and out to the Rt 450 intersection at the Arundel Sign Water Stop -  and back with two 2 minute walk breaks. 

During my ACE Certification course I met and a BOD-POD test with Matt Bender.  The BOD-POD is method of determining body composition that has the same accuracy as the hydrostatic submersion test.  I have been trying to think of a way for Matt to discuss and maybe demonstrate his device for us.  He has been doing tests at Big Vanilla, AACC, and his shop in Edgewater.  He recently told me about a client he was able to tell that his 6lb weight loss (as reflected from the dreaded scale) was actually 12lbs of fat loss and 6lbs of muscle gain. “He used our metabolic information to increase his diet as runners notoriously eat too little, robbing their bodies of valuable energy needed to improve times and distance.”  Check out his website at: www.BeFitTest.com and let me know if it looks like something you might be interested in learning more about.

The ROSARYVILLE TRAIL RUNS are coming up – Sunday 12 July at Rosaryville State Park near Upper Marlboro, MD.(about 30 minutes from here).  Distances of 50k, 25k, 15k, and 10k.  Start is 7 am. This is a great way to get introduced to trail running or to get in a good training run for the JFK 50. You can register at  www.bluepointtiming,com  -or- volunteer by contacting Rene Cover at  rene.cover@macys.com


The BEN MOORE MEMORIAL HALF MARATHON & 10K is on Saturday 1, August from Truman Park N Ride,  starting at 7:30am.  You can register at the same place –or- we need about 20 volunteers.  If you can help, contact Rene to volunteer.  We can set up a Workers Run also.

This is about the time in ever Moore’s Marine’s Marathon Training program that I offer some CAUTION.  The weather is getting warm, the days are long,  and you feel ready to attack the process of “getting faster, stronger, better”.  You start to ‘work through’ some annoying ‘nics and dings’, slight soreness in the Achilles, annoying occasional sharp pains in the side of the knee, tightness in the back that just will not go away.  There are few absolutes in endurance training, but I know from hard earned experience that if you are NOT proactive in taking care of the minor aches and pains NOW, they will get worse and WILL impact your training. How much depends on what you do.  You have to make addressing those aches and pains as much a priority as you do getting your long runs done.  If you are not sure how to be proactive in healing – ASK J

Shin Splints are one of the more common injuries.  They usually start out as a mild annoyance and gradually get worse with repetition. Here is a good article on exactly what shin splints (actually, a very poor name for the injury) are, and how to treat them.  The good news is, there is a lot you can do yourself.  Check out:  http://orthopedics.about.com/cs/sportsmedicine/a/shinsplint.htm


“If one can stick to the training throughout the many long years, then will power is no longer a problem.  It's raining?  That doesn't matter.  I'm tired?  That's beside the point.

It's simply that I just have to.”                   Emil Zotepek


Stay Healthy


Ron Bowman
c: 410-570-0003

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