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Greetings Spring Runners; Week #4

We had 15 to 20 out this past Saturday; which is not bad considering there were two large local races going on; Druid Hills 10k and Chestertown 10 mile/5k.  The early summer temperatures are starting to climb and this past weekend illustrated that.  Start looking at your hydration before, during, and after your runs.  We will continue to put out Gatorade at the Water Stops but it is always good to be prepared.

 The Intermediate Group got their introduction to the Three Bears :-) Rene led them out but let them set their own pace so they could get used to running from point to point rather than around in circles on the track.  We all with Steve Wilson a quick return to the roads.  He is taking some time off while his diabetes flare up gets under control.

There are eight people on the STEAMTOWN MARATHON Bus Trip list, and a lot others in the “probable” category. If you are interested, let me know.

Let me know if you are planning on doing the Wednesday and/or Saturday, or Sunday sessions.  We should have a couple of new faces.

Wednesday Track Session -   START 6:30pm.This week we will do 4 x 800  Up Tempo pace with 2 minute rest.  I plan to be there.  The session will be dependent on if the rain is anything other than a drizzle.

Saturday Run –  START AT 6:30am.  This will also be a Build Run. 12 MILES.  

The route will be out Rt 450, right up St Stephen’s, right onto Chesterfield, right on Crownsville Rd and back to the Truman Park N Ride.

Sunday Trail Run – The days are getting warmer so let’s start at 8:00 am.  This should NOT be a tempo run.  You ran long on Saturday and do not want to overdo it Sunday, even if it is on the trails.

The Intermediate Group will be doing their run at 9:00am from Truman Park N Ride, for a 4-ish mile run out to South River Road and back with two 2 minute walk breaks.  This will introduce you to some hills and doing your runs somewhere other than going in circles on the track J

Repeat, but IMPORTANT:  Something I would like everyone to work on during this time is determining what your Zone 2 (65%-75%) effort is.  This is the effort the majority of your LSD (Long Slow Distance) runs should be at.  This effort will maximize you aerobic base, improve fat burning efficiency (and best to lose weight), keep you injury free, and make your Tempo, and Interval Session more productive.  The kicker is – it is HARD, mentally so physically, to stay at that level for any length of time.  IT IS BORING and you feel like you are NOT GETTING THE MOST OUT OF YOUR WORKOUT.  This is where you have to look at the BIG PICTURE.  You (or MOST of you J  ) know that you will not continue for long doing all your runs at or near race pace – but you can’t bring yourself to embrace the Z2  approach.

The best way to determine your Z2 is based on a track or treadmill determined Max HR.  However, I can give you an approximation if you provide me your Resting HR (first thing in the morning) and Age.  Also, if you will let me know what your recent best 5k time is, I can estimate it from there.

Even if you NEVER do a Z2 run, you should AT LEAST know what it is -  AND if you determine it NOW, I will *GUARANTEE* when we recalculate it at/near the end of this Program, you WILL see improvement.  Help me Help you!

DECISIONS OF A SPORTING NATURE  - We have all heard that sports – running – is a metaphor for life.  The up’s and the down’s.  This country is largely based on the ideologies of individualism and self-reliance (you know, Plymouth Rock and Lewis and Clark and all that adventure stuff).. Individual-sport athletes know this, even if you have to tell them.

Those long and lonely runs that we do in preparation for a marathon are not just good for our endurance base. We might’ve come home hungry, tired and ready for a nap but we always brought back something else—some understanding of things. Maybe it was the decision of whether or not to buy the smaller car or sending an email to some idiot who so richly derserves to be told so, or go out with the new office manager. Or maybe you returned knowing that you wanted to go back to school, to be a great painter or to tell your mother you loved her more often. During that run something clicked and though you tried to put it off to “increased blood flow to the head,” or “time away from the damn phone,” I believe it must have to do with the Self, that ambiguous but omnipotent term, showing itself to you saying, “Here I am, this is us. Now, here’s what I think about your indecision.” It’s what Dr. Edward Shea, a long time university professor and Master’s swimming world record holder calls, “self-realization as the seat of the soul.”

“Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway” John Wayne

(Extra credit for anyone who can tell me which movie it came from :-)  )


 Stay Healthy


Ron Bowman
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