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Greetings Spring Runners; Week #2

CONGRATULATIONS to Tom Nelson.  After missing a PR at the BIG SUR marathon, Tom PR’d at a local 5k by almost a full minute!  Outstanding!

The nice weather is bringing out more runners.  There was a good group out Saturday, even with a lot of ‘other’ activities going on – something about ‘Mother’s Day’.   Myles and Tom are doing more longer runs, including the Bell Branch and Chesterfield/Hawkins Rd routes

Cris Eck found a great article by David Brooks. He wrote this great column in the New York Times that easily applies to running.  It isn't so much talent that creates genius as much as hard work.  This is good news for those of us who see ourselves as ‘middle/back-of-the-packers’ destined to slug it out but never reach the podium.



Coyle describes a tennis academy in Russia where they enact rallies without a ball. The aim is to focus meticulously on technique. (Try to slow down your golf swing so it takes 90 seconds to finish. See how many errors you detect.) By practicing in this way, performers delay the automatizing process. The mind wants to turn deliberate, newly learned skills into unconscious, automatically performed skills. But the mind is sloppy and will settle for good enough. By practicing slowly, by breaking skills down into tiny parts and repeating, the strenuous student forces the brain to internalize a better pattern of performance.  Coyle and Colvin describe dozens of experiments fleshing out this process. This research takes some of the magic out of great achievement. But it underlines a fact that is often neglected. Public discussion is smitten by genetics and what we’re “hard-wired” to do. And it’s true that genes place a leash on our capacities. But the brain is also phenomenally plastic. We construct ourselves through behavior. As Coyle observes, it’s not who you are, it’s what you do.

Wednesday Track Session -   This week we will do 4 x 800  Up Tempo pace with 2 minute rest. I will be taking my Final Exam and my Wednesday’s will be FREE AGAIN :-)

Saturday Run –  START AT 6:30am.  This will also be a Build Run. 11 MILES. You have a much stronger Base which correlates to a stronger aerobic capacity.  That means when you run at the HR (Perceived Level of Exertion) you did last year, you will be going 1,2, or more minutes/mile faster.   Now when you do your Base Build Runs, they will be a little faster than in the past – BUT NOT TOO MUCH FASTER J   I will be there to get everyone started.

Sunday Trail Run –This should NOT be a tempo run.  You ran long on Saturday and do not want to overdo it Sunday, even if it is on the trails.

The Intermediate Group will be doing their run at 10:30am from Truman Park N Ride, for a 4-ish mile run out to South River Road and back.

 “"I can see myself being a runner, especially when I am around you guys."  - Steve “Frog” Wilson, a Beginning Runner graduate and new Intermediate Program runner.

Stay Healthy


Ron Bowman
c: 410-570-0003

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