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Greetings Winter Runners; Week #23

There are  some tapering for FREDERICK, others on their way to BIG SUR and other recovering from recent marathons, or going into ‘maintenance’ phase before starting the ramp up for fall races.   The ‘default’ distance is 10 miles.

For those starting maintenance runs, 10 miles is enough.  Don’t try to “get ahead” and do longer distances this early.  Use this time to work on your core strength, technique, and maybe get used to a little (15 to 20seconds/mile) training pace.

There may be some ‘newbies’ joining the Saturday runs to ‘check us out’ so give the $.25 intro :-)

There are a number of our group heading for the Frederick Marathon on Sunday, 3 May.  If you are interested in carpooling, reply and we will start working out details.

Also, STEAMTOWN Marathon is way in the lead as the destination race. I will give another week for voting, then start making preparations.  You can see the status on the Bluepoint website.

Wednesday Track Session -   This week we will do 3 x 800 + 4 x 100 at Up Tempo pace with 1 minute rest. I have Pers Trnr Class so I will not be there L.    It is important to keep doing these even if you are in the post event or maintenance phase – and you can be very smug when everyone else is sucking wind when the track sessions start up in May J

Saturday Run –  This will be a recovery run for some, a maintenance run for others, and the start of Taper for other.  The base mileage is 10 miles.  If you are planning on doing longer mileage, let me know so we can arrange for support. 

Lara, Paula, Rene, Jim Le Clare and myself will be somewhere on the  C&O Canal with our “Worn Soles” Odyssey Relay Teammates.  We will be thinking of you, and hopefully not smelling each other – and no strangulations :-)

I am looking for some Race Reports from out Boston Marathoners,  Jane, Erin, et el;  and out St. Louis marathoner, Marcia – and our Big Sur guy Tom N. this weekend.

We have some extra shirts if anyone wants additional shirts.

Sunday Trail Run –This should NOT be a tempo run.  You ran long on Saturday and do not want to overdo it Sunday, even if it is on the trails. If you are up for some cool down laps, join us with the New Year Beginning Runners on the AHS Track at 10:30 am.  I know they would love to hear encouragement from others who have “been there, done that” trying to get started running.

 Exercise, according to one 1860’s educator, would help women produce a “sound nervous system….destroying the tendency to mental irritability and hysteria.”

Stay Healthy;



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