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Traditional Moore's Marine's™ 5k, Middle Distance, Marathon, Training Program

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Whether you are a new or returning runner ready for a 5k, or a experienced runner ready for a 10 Mile or Half Marathon, or seasoned runner ready to take on the challenge of your first marathon or ultra trail run - we have a program for you!

AND; if - WHEN - you are ready to take the next step in your running, you will be able to do so smoothly and without re-registering

OR - you can plan ahead to progress at your own "pace" and continue in follow on programs or move up to the next level by opting for the Annual Registration. The Annual plan also allows you to continue having a professional training plan for the entire year.

Less than 1% of the population can run a 26.2 miles. Those that do find it to be a life confirming moment they will never forget. Train on the same course hundreds of previous First-Timers have successfully trained to achieve their dream. We will have participants going to the MARINE CORPS MARATHON, STEAMTOWN, BALTIMORE, RICHMOND, NEW YORK,PHILADELPHIA, CHICAGO, NORTH CENTRAL TRAILS MARATHONS; AND JFK 50 MILE RUN. You will do preparation for 2010 races such as DISNEY, B&A Half and Full Marathon; SOLOMON'S ISLAND Half/Full; SHAMROCK Half/Full; NATIONS Half/Full; WASHINGTON'S BIRTHDAY Marathon; and....COLUMBIA 50K, HASHAWAHA HILLS 50K, SENECA CREEK 50K, HAT 50K, BULL RUN 50 Mile;....AND CHERRY PIT 10 MILE, CHERRY BLOSSOM 10 MILE.

You will be guided by certified, nationally recognized coaches, and receive seminars by professionals in their fields of NUTRITION, MASSAGE, STRENGTH TRAINING, INJURY PREVENTION AND RECOVERY, IMAGERY FOR ENDURANCE ATHLETES, and many other runner specific topics.

You will train on one of the best running courses in the state, marked every 1/2 mile with Support every 2 miles..

Weekly Discussion sessions on everything related to improving your fitness: nutrition, shoe selection, massage, chiropractic support, injury prevention, improved performance through imagery, periodization, hydration, first-aid for runners, and much more..

Your Lead Coach is a Certified Coach with 40,000 miles of running experience, including over 80 marathons, 77 ultra-marathons (longer than 26.2, including 100 Mile runs), 105 triathlons (including IRONMAN Hawaii); and over 500 successful 1st Time Marathon trainee's..

TRAINING COURSE: The same basic course that has been used for 28 years - with some occasional scenic, but challenging diversions

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You will only have one FIRST 5k, 10 Mile, Half Marathon, or Marathon. Train for it properly. Take the challenge and join us. TAKE THE FIRST STEP TO A LIFE OF FITNESS AND FUN.

For more information or questions email: lynnron1@comcast.net or call Lead Coach, Ron Bowman at: 410-573-1929


$50-5k $70-HM $80-M $100-Annual

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