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Kelly 5K and The Beginners Running Program

From Rene':

We ran the Kelly 5k today.  Mom, Chris, Frog, Andy and Red were there.  They did very well.  Mom and Chris finished in 37 min. 28 seconds.  Much faster than they thought they could do it.  Frog finished a minute plus a little faster.  Andy came in around 42 and I am not sure when Red finished.  She told me she ended up run/walking with a 10 year old girl who got left on the course by her dad who raced it.  They did well and had a good time.  Not great conditions for a race- light rain and cold, but we all finished with a smile on our face!

From Ron:

Well done to everyone!  You all met your goal and deserve to be very proud of you accomplishment.  You worked hard and it paid off.

I am proud of each of you - and hope (expect) to see you go even further - as far as you want

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