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Greetings Winter Runners; Week #16

I got a report from Tom Nelson that it was a pretty good run last Saturday!  Conditions were a little chilly; 29degrees at the start, getting into the low 30’s by the end, with little wind.  He started a little early and Tom Goodridge and Myles Powers started even earlier for their 20 milers.  There were a few others out there and I hope any of the newbies that indicated to me they planned to run our course were able to make it.  If you saw/talked to anyone new, please let me know so I can follow up with them.

There was the regular crew at Wednesday’s Track Session at AHS.  It is staying light later so we were able see much better. 

Be sure to Congratulate our B&A finishers:

Full Marathon
Dan Falk – 5th Age Grp – 3:34
Coach Jim LeClare – 4th Age Grp – 3:24
Coach Lara Mish – 4th Age Grp – 4:35
Coach Brie German-Lang – 4:35

Half Marathon
Dennis Myer – 1:59
Jane Myer – 1:49
Marcia Diehl – 2:20
(let me know if I missed anyone!)

It was a BIG thrill to see Brie and Lara during the run – well, it was good to see Dan and Jim also but THEY did not start cheering as we met and give me BIG hugs J

As I was going through the Results, I took a lot of pride seeing names of recent, and not so recent graduates of our Moore’s Marines Training Programs.  I started counting and stopped at 129 – (at least names I could remember, I am sure there were more).  It is good to know so many made the choice to make running and fitness a part of their lives – enough to stay in condition enough to still do a Full or Half marathon.

When you have a goal that is as huge as the marathon-it will “keep you honest.” It’s not like a smaller goal that you can announce and then put off or fake your way through. Once you sign up, commit months to training, and take your first step on race day-you better have done your homework.

The beauty of this is that it goes against 99% of the natural tendencies of our culture that favors gratification without effort or devotion. But is that kind of achievement ever as satisfying?

One thing I’ve found over the years is that many of the folks I train with (and race against) are for the most part as devoted to their jobs (if not more) as they are to running or cycling or triathlon.

Unlike participation in say, golf or softball or basketball - no offense to club/league sports - the type of determination, discipline and emotional focus that comes with training day in, day out for extremely challenging endurance events (often by yourself) tends to bleed over into people’s 9-5’s.

Whether you’re training for a marathon, a century or the Ironman triathlon, one thing you quickly find out is that there’s no room for bullshit out there on the pavement (pardon the ‘French’ for emphasis J ). You either do the work or you’re screwed. Politics won’t get you to the finish line. It doesn’t matter who you know or how well you can work the system. When you’re out there, every weakness bubbles up to the surface and stares you in the eye. Lack of preparation, lack of motivation, lack of dedication will all come back to bite you in the ass. there’s nowhere to hide. They will all find you and jump up on your back to stop you dead in your tracks. The choice becomes this: Do you let them stop you, or do you accept them and keep going?

You learn a lot about yourself, training for that type of event.

You learn a lot about how to break thresholds and get past your own little ego, training for events like these. When you’re tired and sore and hungry but you still have four miles to go, guess what? You still have four miles to go. How you get through these last four miles is entirely up to you. Nobody cares whether you walk those last four miles or run, or hail a cab. Nobody made you set 26.2 miles as a goal. Or 100 miles. Or 144+.

Once you’ve broken past your lack of will and learned to keep going, you are transformed. I have seen a similar thing happen to Marines during training. At some point, who you used to be before you went beyond what you thought your limitations were, before you kissed excuses goodbye, before you left all of the bullshit that stood in your mind’s way ceases to exist. You become someone else. Someone stronger, more self-confident, better, and you realize – it was worth it.

Wednesday Track Session -  It’s tough to get out there, but it works!J  This Wednesday at AHS at 6 pm we are scheduled to do 7 x 800 Yasso’s; 5 x 100’s.  Remember; pace yourself.  Don’t spend all your energy in the 800’s and barely be able to get down the track for the 100’s.  This is the week for I have to go to class so I will hope to hear good things from the workout J

Saturday Run –   This week is the beginning of your Taper; 14 miles for the marathoner’s/ultra’s and 6 miles for the  Half Marathon’ers.  Both, try to keep the pace up a little toward the end of the run.  The route will be the Pinedale up/back on the way out, then out Rt450, right on St. Stephens, right on Chesterfield, right on Crownsville, and back to the “barn”.  

 I will be along the route to check on you a couple of times before meeting you at the Food Court for Discussion Session.  Last Saturday was a good day for the Hashawaha 50k near Westminister, MD.  Conditions were much like here, low 30’s to start with a breeze.  The breeze did not chill much while we were in the woods but got a little brisk when we go out on the pastures and fields.  It was pretty muddy but only in spots.  The Race Director did accurately warn us of one “Butt-slider” – yes, it was steep and muddy enough the only way down was seat first.  We finished in  7:25; about the effort we had planned.  See attached photo of Gaye and I.

After getting home I got a quick massage and an ice bath that took my breath (and other things) away but felt sooooo good on the legs J   I was up at 5 am for the early B&A Marathon Early Start, feeling tired but pretty good physically – well, OK, actually.  I was able to keep a steady pace for the whole marathon with running partners Will Myers and Charlie Muskin.  Paid extra attention to hydration and especially nutrition because I knew I was depleted from the 50k.  I periodically cursed the Trail – sooooo boring, and like a wind-tunnel once past the Half Marathon turn off, but got a big lift every time someone I knew went by.

Sunday Trail Run – 9 am.  AHS Trails – for one or two loops.  This should NOT be a tempo run.  You ran long on Saturday and do not want to overdo it Sunday, even if it is on the trails. If you are up for some cool down laps, join us with the New Year Beginning Runners on the AHS Track at 11 am.  I know they would love to hear encouragement from others who have “been there, done that” trying to get started running.

“There is no glory in training, but there is no glory without training.” –Linda Hill

Stay Healthy;



Ron Bowman
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