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Greetings Winter Runners; Week #11

It was a GREAT morning for a run this past weekend – certainly not as nippy as the 3 degrees the week before.  It was 43 degrees and 51% humidity.  I was a little overdressed.

There was the regular crew at Wednesday’s Track Session at AHS.  These sessions are beginning to show progress.

We also had a good run on the AHS Trails Sunday at 9 am.  It was about 30 degrees warmer and a good ‘depletion run’ for the day after a long run – easy, comfortable effort on a forgiving surface – good coffee and discussion after also. 

-Let me know if you would like one of our Program “Pain is Temporary – Pride is Forever” long-sleeved, hi-vis, tech shirts; with size.  If you petite’s would like women’s Medium or Small, we can get them but they would not be the hi-vis color (more of a regular yellow/orange/gold-ish). Cost $12.  I need to make the order by 3 February.

- Would you be interested in an organized bus trip to do a Marathon and/or Half Marathon? There is interest in an organized bus trip to a marathon, most likely in the late spring or in the fall. To be cost-effective, the destination marathon and/or half marathon, should be within about 500 miles with about 20 people signed up.  We have done this before to Steamtown Marathon and it was GREAT fun – Leave the driving to someone else and get discounted lodgings!  Races in the mix so far are: Steamtown, Flying Pig – Ohio, Philadelphia, and Richmond.  If this sounds like fun, go to www.bluepointtiming.com , select ‘Polls’ from the right column and indicate your race preference.   Let me know if you have any questions.

- We are putting a team together to go to the Wild West Relay 7-8 August but need two more people, male or female, to complete the team.  The relay covers 200 miles from Fort Collins to Steamboat Springs Colorado by teams of 7 to 12 members.  Check it out at http://www.wildwestrelay.com  and if you are interested in joining the adventure, contact me at lynnron1@comcast.net

  Wednesday Track Session -  It’s tough to get out there, but it works!J  This Wednesday at AHS at 6 pm we will be doing 10min of :30 run x :30 rest and 4 x 100.

 Saturday Run – 7 am.  18 miles for Marathoners and Ultra runners; 8 miles for Half Marathoners

THE ROUTE will be the Bell Branch loop, across Rt 450, up St. Stephen’s, right onto Chesterfield, back to Crownsville Rd and back to the 2 Mile Stop.

Try do the last 3 miles at race pace. Okay, how about from the Arundel Signs Water Stop to the top of Momma Bear?   It should feel a little uncomfortable at first but more natural toward the end.   This is an important aspect of getting your body to adapt to a higher intensity (pace)  when it is already tired.  It will help reduce the “fade” toward the end of a hard race – like the last 10k of a marathon.   Just make your mind up to JUST DO IT J

Sunday Trail Run9 am.  AHS Trails – for one or two loops.  This should NOT be a tempo run.  You ran long on Saturday and do not want to overdo it Sunday, even if it is on the trails. If you are up for some cool down laps, join us with the New Year Beginning Runners on the AHS Track at 11 am.  I know they would love to hear encouragement from others who have “been there, done that” trying to get started running.

NOTE:  I will not be at Wednesday’s Track session as that is my class night (one per month) at AACC for Personal Trainer Certification.   I will be in Las Angeles over the weekend for my son’s ‘engagement announcement’ so I will miss the Saturday AND Sunday runs J

At this point is more important to heal any nagging injuries than to get any particular training in.  If you have an injury, be active in it's healing, do more than just not run.  Self massage (sounds kinky, I know but it works), light stretching, anti-inflammatories, SEE SOMEONE. 

-Here is the marathon in Argentina, South America Myles is looking for any interested takers.  Check it out ... for November 14, 2009  http://www.k42trailrun.com/index2.html

-You have heard me say that when it really comes down to it, there is not as difference between us, you and me everyday runners, and the elites.  Many of “us” have the same drive, determination, and mental toughness – we just don’t have the same genetics; or you could say, blame your parents.   Here is a blog Paula found of an interview with one of Japans elite female runners.  Read it (unless you know Japanese) and you will see how she interprets what happened during her marathon experience; with no negativity.  It’s a good example of how you should approach your own trials and tribulations:   http://tinyurl.com/b6nmpy

- Historians say the first marathon runner was Philippides, who, in 490 B.C., ran 24.85 miles from the battlefield at Marathon with news of the Athenian army's victory over the Persians. He reached Athens, cried out, ''Rejoice, we conquer,'' fell down and died.  Today we run marathons for fun. Are we crazy? Check out this article on ‘Why we run’:  http://tinyurl.com/b4onrv


Myth Buster: If you stop exercising, your muscle will turn to fat. Reality: Muscle can’t turn into fat any more than it can turn into clam chowder.  If you quit working out – or even decrease your volume of training significantly – you muscles will simply shrink and a greater proportion of your body weight will be fat.

Stay Healthy;



Ron Bowman

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