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Greetings Winter Runners; Week #9

Dress in layers.  For me that probably means three layers with thin gloves inside mittens.


 If you dress properly, there is no reason you can’t run in 3 degrees, or lower.  My personal low is -19.  I would recommend a balaclava or scarf/mask to cover your face/mouth.  It will help warm the air a little before you take it into your lungs.  The cold air will set off my asthma otherwise.  I keep the cover over my mouth until my lungs warm up enough to keep the air warm – usually a mile or so, then I lower the mask but will put it back over my mouth periodically- and have you inhaler handy.


  Just make sure you keep exposed skin to a minimum or none – cheeks, forehead, ears, fingers (thin gloves inside mittens), toes ( thermal socks or two pair).  Of course, layers.  If you start to get damp from sweat, you can take off a layer, but keep moving.  If you stop the dampness will quickly suck the body hear from you.


  I have not decided how far I will be running (depends on my recovery from Disney – 75 degrees) but it will not be the full 16 miles. I when I finish my run, I will drive the course to check on each of you so if you bring an extra shirt, vest, gloves, etc. I will bring them so you can change along the way, if needed.


  When you finish, change right away, dry off, and put on nice, thick, dry clothes.  Then hurry over to the Food Court to complement each other on being so tough! J


Stay Warm;



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