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Greetings Winter Runners; Week #6

Thanks to Coach Lara for leading this past Saturdays run.  She passed on that it was a small group, which was not unexpected with the holidays and the Celtic Solstice run in Baltimore drawing a lot of you.   The conditions were  -cold- 35 degrees and 60% humidity and very windy.

WELL DONE to the those who made it for the  Wednesday’s Track Session at AHS.  Remember, these track sessions are what is going to make you faster.    It will be tough to get motivated to do them over the winter but they WILL pay off.  If you did the Time Trial, be sure to let me know so I can give you the table for you paces for various distances.  You should start to incorporate those paces in all your training.

We also had a good group for the Sunday Trail Session on the trails at AHS.  It was about 34 degrees but the rain all night tailed off so we had a good run. This will be a good augment to your training, a good post LSD (Long Slow Distance) workout, and a nice social event.

Wednesday Track Session -  No Track Session  - hey, it’s Christmas Eve! J   There will be a low key, 4 mile run from the Fleet Feet store, tomorrow, Tuesday at 6 pm  that everyone is invited to.

Saturday Run – 7 am.  (the Poll seems to be showing the preference to keep the start at 7 am)  14 miles again for Marathoners/Ultra’s’ and 7 miles for 10Milers/Half Marathoners.   I know we are staying at this distance longer than usual, but I want you to build strength during this base-building period.  You will find the longer runs that are coming will be easier.

Sunday Trail Run – 7 am.  Meet at the Harbour Center Starbucks to carpool/caravan to Rosaryville.  The plan is for 1 loop (9 miles) or 1 ½ loops

(~14 miles).  Bring a water bottle.

 I encourage everyone who has NOT tried a trail run to join us.  I am certain that once you try it, you will be ‘hooked’.  Talk to Willie, Myles, or Rene J

“NO ONE HAS EVER BEEN HUMBLED BY JOGGING. If all we want to do is feel good about ourselves, jogging is the ticket.  It doesn’t challenge us. It doesn’t test us.  It doesn’t exact a physical or psychological toll.  Worst case scenario is, jogging may cause mild perspiration on color-coordinated sweat suits.  BUT if we are willing to PUSH ourselves into uncharted territory, a place littered with broken bodies and remnants of the human psyche, running may be what we are looking for.  Without question, it dishes out more heaping helpings of ‘humble pie’ than any sport known.  Little wonder that so few people have the fortitude to lace up and run – in the snow, rain, wind, heat, mud, and all the things that makes us realize we have done more before 9 am than 99% of the population does all day!  So enjoy your holidays, and we will show off our Christmas running gifts when next we meet.

Stay Healthy;


Ron Bowman
c: 410-570-0003


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