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Greetings Winter Runners; Week #5

We are working on populating the calendar with the local races and the marathons and other popular (and some less well known) races – AND our Training Schedule.  The latter will require participants to Sign-In.  Check it out, send any comments, and Stay Tuned.

Another good run this past Saturday morning.  The conditions were  -cold- 30 degrees and 60% humidity and calm.

There were six of us for Wednesday’s Track Session at AHS.  There were no lights but I brought our LED Clock for everyone to use to monitor their split times.  Remember, these track sessions are what is going to make you faster.    It will be tough to get motivated to do them over the winter but they WILL pay off.

We also had a good group for the Sunday Trail Session on the trails at Rosaryville.   This will be a good augment to your training, a good post LSD (Long Slow Distance) workout, and a nice social event.   I think we will do a 9 am Start for the Trail Session unless there is a more convenient time for everyone.

Wednesday Track Session - , Wednesday, 6 pm at AHS.   I will not be there – something about being Lynn and my 20th Anniversary J   If someone can pick up the Clock, those who missed the Time Trial last week can do it this week.   Those not doing a Time Trial will do:

4x400@ AC Pace

 This will provide a very useful piece of information for your training the rest of the program and next year.  I will use it to calculate the paces YOU should be doing your various training runs at; LSD, Tempo, Pacing. 

Saturday Run – 7 am.   14 miles for Marathoners/Ultra’s’ and 7 miles for 10Milers/Half Marathoners.  I will not be there as I will be scoring the Celtic Solstice 5 Mile Run in Baltimore.

I have been thinking about moving the Saturday Run start time to 8:00am but I want to get feedback.  On the Pro-side; it will be lighter, and likely warmer.  On the Con-side; it will be later in  the morning as the runs get longer.  We could do a dual start; 7 am  for those going ‘long’ and 8am for those going ‘shorter’ or preferring a later start.  We informally do that now, but it does split the group us some.   SPEAK TO ME :-) or take the POLL.

Sunday Trail Run – 9 am  The schedule calls for 5 miles.  I will wait until the weather conditions are more clear to make a decision on where.  If it looks ‘bleak’, no need traveling to Rosaryville, Avalon, or McKeldin, and we will do AHS Trails.  Stay tuned.

 I encourage everyone who has NOT tried a trail run to join us.  I am certain that once you try it, you will be ‘hooked’.  Talk to Willie, Myles, or Rene :-)

"Yesterday I dared to struggle, today I dare to WIN”  Bernadette Devlin…….Each of you is “daring to struggle; winning is not always measured by who crosses the finish line FIRST  (my addition).

Stay Healthy;

Ron Bowman
c: 410-570-0003

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