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Greetings Winter Runners; Week 3

Greetings Winter Runners;  Week 3


We had a good run this past Saturday morning.  The conditions were 34 degrees and 50% humidity and calm.  It was a good introduction to cold weather running.  One of the things I did early in my running career was to keep track of what I wore, in addition to conditions, distance, time, etc.   I would occasionally go back to see what I had worn for similar conditions expected for an upcoming long run.  After a while, it becomes second-nature.  The rule of thumb is to dress as if it were 20 degrees warmer.   Like most ‘rules of thumb’ you need to fine-tune it for your personal preferences.   I do NOT like to be cold so I tend to over dress by about one layer.  My approach is that I would rather be overdressed early, then peel off a layer and drop it at a Water Stop or carry it.  I also ascribe to the thought that it is easier to take something off than it is to wish you had an extra layer.

   With the technical fabrics available today, the weight (especially when soaked with sweat) of your running clothes is less a factor.  It is easier to dress in layers and not look like Nanook of the North.   Here is a link to an article on cold weather gear.  I am not promoting any particular brand or style – there are many – but this should give you an idea of what is available.   http://www.runnersworld.com/article/0,7120,s6-240-320--12187-1-1X2-2,00.html

    If you have any items or practices that have worked for you, share them with us.   Paula used hand-warmer pads (chemically heated) for JFK.   I wore light-weight gloves with fingers inside Gore Tex mittens.


There were 5 of us for Wednesday’s Track Session at AHS.  There were no lights but once your eyes adjusted, there was no problem seeing.  Fortunately, there are no roots or rocks on the track.  I do expect lights will be on, at least occasionally.   Remember, these track sessions are what is going to make you faster.    It will be tough to get motivated to do them over the winter but they WILL pay off.


We also had 6 of us for the Sunday Trail Session on the trails behind AHS – in the rain.  Actually, it was very pleasant and not too muddy.  This will be a good augment to your training, a good post LSD (Long Slow Distance) workout, and a nice social event.   I think we will do a 9 am Start for the Trail Session unless there is a more convenient time for everyone.



Wednesday Track Session - Tomorrow, Wednesday, 6 pm at AHS.  I have a Tri Club Board meeting so will not be able to make it this week.  Your workout will be:   3 x 400    +     3 x 100.


Saturday Run – 7 am. 12 miles for Marathoners/Ultra’s’ and 6 miles for 10Milers/Half Marathoners.  The Food Court discussion topic will warm up/cool down/stretching for the Winter..



“"Runner’s T-shirt quote:  "My sport is your sports punishment”.   Appropriate for winter training.


 Stay Healthy;


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