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Greetings Winter Runners; Week 2

Greetings Winter Runners;  Week 2

Thanks to Coach Lara for taking the lead for this past Saturdays cold  run.  The conditions were about 30 degrees with a brisk breeze, making a Wind Chill Factor of about 23 degrees.  I understand there were different distances run since some of you were in final tapering for North Central Trails Marathon this coming weekend and others are just getting back to runs after your marathon.  That’s great!  The idea is to give you some motivation to get out and do some training over the winter – you will appreciate it next summer and fall.



Most of you are “veterans” so much of what you learn will be refresher; but that is good.  I am still learning to “do as I say, not as I do”.    I expect you ‘newbies’ to make sure I do not short change you on the information – ask questions.    You also have a great source of information from the other runners in the group.


I was two hours into the JFK 50 when you started your run.  I thought a little recap might give you some tidbits to file away for your future runs.  You will hear it all again J  

The temperature on the Boonsboro Bank said 19 degrees for the 5 am Start.  The wind was blowing pretty heavily, taking the WCF (wind chill factor) to about 9 degrees.  We ran with flashlights or headlamps for the first hour in the dark along the Appalachian Trail.  Running was mostly single file but sustainable.  By the time I was ready to take some water from my Camelback, I discovered it was frozen – with 8 more miles to the Support Stop; AND my Gels were too cold to get out of the container – no nutrition for 8 miles.  I did have a good trail run, coming down the switchbacks at 16 miles in about 3:45 hrs; a PR for that section for about 6 years.  My elite race Crew of Rene Cover, Cris Eck, and Gaye Bugenhagen helped me change from trail shoes to road shoes just like a NASCAR tire change.  Rene ran with me to the 27 mile Support Stop (I think – it was getting fuzzy by then) keeping me company and graciously plodding along beside me.  I was doing well, under 11 min/mile up to that point but the “wheels came off” after that and I slowed to “DSL speed” as the turtle commercial says.

      The idea was for Cris and Rene to Crew to give them a sense of what the towpath and JFK in general is like; in preparation for a future attempt at it.   I think both will agree that the 27 miles of the C&O Towpath are $#&^* boring!!   Even recognizing that I was behind in nutrition and hydration, I still fell into a low-blood sugar ‘funk’ about 34 miles (of the 42 on the Towpath; last 8 on asphalt back roads).  Gaye came to my rescue (literally) by pointing me toward the potato chips, which I ate with both hands.  That was followed by a large piece of chocolate cake (GREAT Aid Stations!!), a handful of M&M’s, a can of Ensure, a can of V-8, more potato chips, a boiled potato with salt (and sugar – don’t ask; I was in a daze).  I was also shivering a lot, wasting MORE energy so Gaye helped me change two layers of technical shirts and I was ready to go.

   That picked me up enough to get off the Towpath maintaining my 8 and 2 (run and walk) with a LOT of help from Cris chatter.  On the road, Cris ( or was it Rene, by that time I was getting my blondes mixed up) was reminding me of the motivational encouragements I use on our Moore’s Marines Program participants during one of their long runs – this is where the “do as I say, not as I do” comes in.   I did summon enough energy to have Rene and Cris cross the Finish Line with me – for my 19th JFK.


Wednesday Track Session - Tomorrow, Wednesday, I will be there but probably just do some jogging.


Saturday Run – 7 am.  The discussion topic will be winter running attire and a shoe check.



"Far better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure, than to take rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much nor suffer much, because they live in the grey twilight that knows not victory nor defeat." Theodore Roosevelt



 Stay Healthy;



Ron Bowman



c: 410-570-0003


New Years Beginning Running Program


We can help you meet your fitness goals.  Bluepoint LLC is offering an 8-week New Years Beginning Running Program designed to instruct non-runners and lapsed-runners in all aspects of running and to develop long term fitness habits.  This low-key program starts Sunday 4 January 2009 and will guide the participants from a walk-run to a 20 minute non-stop run.  All participants will "graduate" at a local 5k in mid-March.  Sunday group sessions will be at Annapolis High School track at 11:00am.

    The program includes a running schedule, group runs, information on finding the right shoes, injury prevention and recovery, heart rate training, running safety, motivation, imagery for workouts, and mostly......how to keep running fun.

    Get your friends, family, and co-workers to join you on the road to fitness and fun.   Register at: http://tinyurl.com/56nvph

     For details, contact Ron Bowman at 410-573-1929 or email: lynnron1@comcast.net

Greetings Winter Runners; Week 1

Welcome to our second year of Moore’s Marines Winter Training Program.  This program started when runners participating in the FALL Marathon Training Program successfully met their goal and were faced with the “now what” syndrome, -or- did not meet their goal due to injury or ‘life’ getting in the way, -or- were just looking to maintain their fitness over the winter and preferred the company of others.

Whichever category you fit into – WELCOME, it’s going to be a great adventure J

Most of you are ‘graduates’ of past programs and are familiar with the way we do things.  For those new to the Program:

-          Group runs will be Saturday morning departing Truman Park N Ride at 7 am.

  • Inclement weather policy; “Ron’s Rule #1” – you always show up.  You will find that conditions may be daunting when you wake up but are less so when you arrive, or get better during the run.  Of course common sense should prevail and if things are obviously going to be really – really bad, I will email everyone Friday evening.  Of course, that has happened very, very rarely in the past 25 years.  We did our run during hurricane Hanna a couple of years ago.

-          We will do Track Sessions at Annapolis High School starting at 6pm.  This may vary a bit depending on lighting and weather.

-          I will send a Weekly Update by Wednesday early afternoon each week to summarize the previous week’s run, track and long; and to give details on the upcoming Wednesday track workout and Saturday long run.

-          There will be water, Gatorade, and energy gel (when available from sponsors) every 2 miles.

-          There will be a Discussion Session at the Westfield Mall Food Court following the run on Saturday and at Squisito’s after the Track Session.  This is when I and Guest Speakers will cover topics from: Shoe/apparel selection, Stretching, Massage, Chiropractic support, Nutrition, Imagery for Distance Runners, Running Technique, Strength/Core Training for Runners,  Heart Rate Training and many others; including any that you would like to hear – just let me know.

-          - run at a comfortable conversation pace. This is not a race. I do not want to see anyone running alone. One of the biggest benefits of training with a group is building friendships - that will last forever.

-          I will help you get started, but you need to be outgoing; introduce yourself to those running about your pace.

-          - DO NOT bunch up! No running 3 abreast. The local traffic is pretty used to seeing runners on our route but you DO NOT want to challenge a car! The coaches WILL chastise.

-          - Be respectful of the Water Stops; use the trash bags. The Water Stop Captains get up early to put out the water and stay late to pick it up - give them a break.

 Attached is the schedule we will be using. Let me know if you have any questions on it.   It will change as I see how everyone is progressing.   I intend to put it up on our website eventually.  Eventually, not everyone will be doing the same distances, since we have 10 Mile, Half and Full Marathoners, and Ultra Marathoners, and some just doing maintenance training.


If you are not already, I would like you to start keeping a log of your workouts.   I encourage you to use Running 2 Win at  http://www.running2win.com/teams and sign up for team ‘Traditional Moore’s Marine’s Marathon Training Log’.  It is a very complete site for tracking everything you need to monitor your progress – make sure you are on track to meet your goal, AND to avoid injury by ‘seeing it coming’.  I will be able to monitor your Log entries and will offer guidance.  I will give as much individual coaching as I can; but I do offer individual coaching at a much more specific level if/when you are ready to go to the next level.

 If you are not familiar with the route(s) we will be training on you can see them in detail at  Go to: http://profile.mapmyrun.com/RonB

 This is a very informal and social program.  You will find, and I encourage, running partners and friends among your group.  You will find I am very approachable so do not hesitate to come to me with any question, concern, of curiosity that might come up over the next months.

 I would like each of you to let me know by Reply Email what your goal is for the program.  Whether it is a particular race, a ‘Spring race’, or a higher level of fitness.  This will help me determine the course of the training.

 We will have other very qualified, RRCA Certified Coaches to assist in your training.  Lara Mish and Erin Fener are graduates of the Program who went on to get their coaching certification, and are now helping me help you meet your goals – use them, they like it :-)

Wednesday Track Session - Tomorrow, Wednesday, I will not be at the AHS Track Session due to the End of Year Annapolis Triathlon Club Party – can’t miss that J  Do not feel like you have to miss a training session just because I will not be there, although there will be VERY few that I miss (two over the last 8 years); there will be other group members to do the session with.

 Saturday Run – 7 am with Coach Lara.  I will be two hours into the JFK 50 Mile run by that time J Think positive thoughts for me.

 “Taking on something like training over the Winter does not build character; it reveals it.  You will learn more about yourself in the next few months than probably any time in your life. It really is a "great adventure";- embrace the ride.”


 Stay Healthy;


Ron Bowman



c: 410-570-0003

Training plan for 2008 is available HERE

Winter 2008 Training Plan

Training plan for 2008 is available HERE

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