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From Willie G., 10/21/2008

The speed workouts have definitely worked this year along with Paula’s mental imaging.  Stewart and I started with the 4:30 pace group and they paced us through the first 4 miles,(10.18/mile), then we started running just a touch faster, 8 seconds per mile.  We were in great shape until the hills and the heat on the second half started taking its’ toll.  I think we started walking a bit at mile 17 The pace group finally passed us at mile 19, Lake Montebello felt like Death Valley, flat but no shade.  33rd ST beckoned with mile 22 and our Oases, just in time, it took awhile to for the Peanut and Jelly to register I am alive, hurting but alive, run /walk, more running, by mile 25 I wasn’t going to stop until the finish, sprint through the finish and a pr by 15 minutes 4:39.17. and a pat on the back by 2 guys I flew by in the last 50 yards.  Last year I was just trying to break five hours thanks to Rene’, Ron and Paula breaking 4:30 doesn’t look so tough.
Thanks, Willie G.

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