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-GREAT conditions for last Saturday’s run, low 70’s and 50% humidity for those who made. Thanks to Lara and Paula for taking the lead for me while I was scoring the Junior League 5k.  Lara told me there were quite a few missing.  We chalked it up to the upcoming Army 10 Miler and Metric Marathon. If not, I hope you are getting in your runs – somewhere.  You are getting close to “showtime” and these workouts are very important.

- We did not get to do our Wednesday Track workout do to a varsity soccer game so we did a double loop of the AHS Trails.  A good workout but that means the MCM’ers, NYM’er’s, Philadelphia Marathoners, etc. will be doing their 9 Yasso 800’s this Wednesday – tomorrow at AHS Track at 6:00 pm..

-WHO wants to have their Baltimore Race Packets picked up for them?

-WHO wants to carpool/caravan up to the race?

-Paula Carrigan and Rose Stocker have volunteered to set up a Support Stop for our group at about the 22 Mile point of the Baltimore marathon.  If you, or any of your family or friends, can help, please contact me or Paula at 'brainmapping@netscape.net' .   Basically, all that is needed is a table and stuff like, hard candy, flat soda, gummy bears, cookies, water, Gatorade, or whatever you think YOU would like at that point J

- START AT 6:30AM      MARATHON GROUP - THIS SATURDAY,  11 October, will be the 22 mile Peak run for the MCMer’s and other later Marathons.  Make it a good steady effort.  Remember, it is just about ‘time on your feet’ and building the confidence that YOU CAN DO THIS. Your route will be:

Truman -> Pinedale -> Rt 450 –Water at Mile 4 and 6-> LEFT at Staples Corner/Rt 424 -> Left at the Fire Station onto Bell Branch –Water at the 8 Mile Markà Left onto Rutland Rd à cross rt 450 and up St Stephen’s à Right onto Chesterfield à up the hill at Camp Barrett onto Hawkins Rd – water at the corner à Right onto Crownsville Rd à back to Arundel Signs Stop and back to Truman.

- Baltimore Marathon group – This is YOUR week. Be proactive with your Taper.  It is not supposed to be ‘coach potato time’, but a gradual reduction in volume and intensity, ending with a :30 minute run on Friday.

  • RaceReady shorts with pockets already loaded with medicine bag, Succeed, Gel,
  • CHIP
  • Singlet with bib pinned
  • SHOES, Socks, long-sleeve shirt, hat, gloves, trash bag. Don't try to decide EXACTLY what you will wear, bring enough to be prepared either way (warmer or colder) you can always put it in your Drop Bag or start with it and drop it or wrap it around your waist.
  • PRE-RACE warm-ups; to be put in your Drop Bag just before going to the START. TWO water bottles of your Recovery drink (CytoMax, Accelerade, etc.), one for before the Start and one for when you Finish.
  • Dress warm for the drive/shuttle/wait before the Start. You will be sitting around a lot, and fidgeting, changing clothes 10 times, making 4 Pit Stops, will not keep you warm enough, especially if it is a chilly morning.
  • Take 2 water bottles of energy drink (Gatorade, Acelerade, etc.), one for BEFORE the Start, and one waiting for you when you Finish, and something to eat; Powerbar, etc in case the lines are too long. Have shirt/shorts/warmups  to put in your Drop bag before the Start. (Yes, I am repeating). - About 15/20 minutes before the Start, take off your warm-ups, put on the trash bag (with holes already cut for head/arms) and take your Drop bag to the truck with your bib number. - Then Fidget, chat, pee, until Start.
  • RACE STRATEGY:  Here are a few race strategies to remember:   - If you feel like you are going too slow in the first few (about 5) miles- you are doing just about the right pace. 
  • Make your 'pit stop' as early as possible so you won't be rushed before the Start.  
  • If you are well hydrated, you may find you have to make a pit stop -or two- during the race.  Don't wait until your eyes turn yellow to make the stop.  I once had to make two 60sec pit stops - way too long. 
  • If you do make a stop, do not try to catch up with your running partners all at once.  Pick a pace a little quicker than you were doing before the stop.  You will eventually catch them.  If you don't, you were probably going too fast to start with - or they didn't like your company :-) 
  • Know where/when the Water Stops are, and think about what you want about 1/4mile before getting there.  This gives you time to get your energy gel out and tear off the top with your teeth (which will get exceedingly more difficult to do), open your medicine bag for Succeed, Advil or whatever you need, and put it in your mouth but just resting on your tongue- ready for water. 
  • DO NOT even THINK about taking any of the above without water.  I tried it with a Succeed tablet and gagged for about 1/2 mile before it went down. 
  • Try to stay loose by talking to your running mates and looking around, wave to the spectators, they love it.  Say 'thanks' to the Marines and Police; they get little else for being out there longer than you will. 
  • Positive thoughts, Positive thoughts, Positive thoughts, Positive thoughts.

- HALF-MARATHON/TEN Mile GROUP -  Do the 11 mile Chesterfield route – Rt 450 ->Right on St Stephen’s -> right on Chesterfield to Camp Barrett ->out to a right on Crownsville Rd and back to Truman.

-TRACK SESSION - Wednesday  at 6:00 p.m. at AHS Track for 9 x 800’s  for MCM’ers;  4 x 800 for those doing Baltimore.

Note: Anyone planning on doing the Disney Marathon and needing a place to stay, let me know.  I have an extra room.

"You have to wonder at times what you're doing out there. Over the years, I've given myself a thousand reasons to keep running, but it always comes back to where it started. It comes down to self-satisfaction and a sense of achievement."
- Steve Prefontaine

Stay Healthy;


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