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Wk#20 -- RACE WEEK!!

GOOD 10 mile RUN Saturday.  A little chilly at the start but about 58 at the finish, which the early forecast says is what we can expect for Race Day Sunday. Everyone looked comfortable and all (most) of the nicks and dings seem to be healed or are being managed.  YOU ARE READY!


From Willie G., 10/21/2008

The speed workouts have definitely worked this year along with Paula’s mental imaging.  Stewart and I started with the 4:30 pace group and they paced us through the first 4 miles,(10.18/mile), then we started running just a touch faster, 8 seconds per mile.  We were in great shape until the hills and the heat on the second half started taking its’ toll.  I think we started walking a bit at mile 17 The pace group finally passed us at mile 19, Lake Montebello felt like Death Valley, flat but no shade.  33rd ST beckoned with mile 22 and our Oases, just in time, it took awhile to for the Peanut and Jelly to register I am alive, hurting but alive, run /walk, more running, by mile 25 I wasn’t going to stop until the finish, sprint through the finish and a pr by 15 minutes 4:39.17. and a pat on the back by 2 guys I flew by in the last 50 yards.  Last year I was just trying to break five hours thanks to Rene’, Ron and Paula breaking 4:30 doesn’t look so tough.
Thanks, Willie G.

From Rene', 10/20/2008

First off let me say THANK YOU!!! to Ron and everyone in our group.  Baltimore was fantastic, my favorite marathon to date, even more than my first.  I set a big goal for myself, and was mostly comfortable that I could do it (at least until the week prior to the marathon, when I was sure I bit off more than I could chew).  My goal for Baltimore was a 4:15.  To many this is no big deal, but for me it is 24 minutes and change faster than my previous best, which was a 4:39:23 at the B&A Trail Marathon, which is flat.  My finish time at Baltimore was 4:14:17.  I never could have done this without Ron's program and all the support and advice that I got from him and other members of the group.  I used all the advice given at the "after the run get togethers", specifically Ron, Paula and Jeff's advice.  A special thank you to Paula, Sandy and Rose for being at the race.  When I felt like I wasn't going to make it, I just kept telling myself that I just had to make it to your table.  It was so great to see you there, it really gave me the "pick me up" that I needed to finish strong.  

 I never would have met my goal without everyone's support.  I can't tell all of you enough just how much better my life is because of running with our group.  I wouldn't have found the joy in running that I have without being part of all of this. 

Thank you, Rene'



GREAT conditions for last Saturday’s run, low 70’s and 50% humidity for those who made. Thanks to Lara and Paula for taking the lead for me while I was scoring the Junior League 5k.  Lara told me there were quite a few missing.  We chalked it up to the upcoming Army 10 Miler and Metric Marathon. If not, I hope you are getting in your runs – somewhere.  You are getting close to “showtime” and these workouts are very important.