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Greetings Moore's Marine's Marathon and Half/10 Mile Training Groups


Last Saturday's 18 mile trail run at Lake Elkhorn and Savage Park was another nice day .  We had good conditions; 69 degrees up to 74 degrees with 60% humidity.   It was a day for some firsts as many did their first trail run AND set a PR (Personal Record) for their longest run ever.   Well Done to Melana, Rose,  and Kim.  There was a slight hint of Fall was in the air and we enjoyed a little off trail – trail running.  (What “Trail Closed” sign?).  The run should have been a good effort by everyone; enough to know you were tired and just as glad it was over, but not tongue-dragging, white-eyeballs, tough.  The down-side (he says) is that you have not had the "opportunity" to experience and train in a variety of conditions - rain, wind, heat, etc so you will be ready for anything Mom Nature might throw at you on race day - but there is still time :-)   I understand Marsha and Sandy had great times (in all sense of the word J ) at the Virginia Beach Half Marathon.  WELL DONE!